Top 5 Luxury Casinos in the World

October 12, 2018

The most beautiful casinos in the world deserve a dedicated article, because they attract the attention of those who are passionate about gambling and those who are passionate about architecture. Here’s a short list, below:

5. Baden Baden, Germany
The Baden Baden Casino is one of the oldest in the world – it was opened in 1748! Marlene Dietrich said he was “the nicest in the world”. Built in the style of the French palaces, the casino attracts hundreds of players today in its 3,000-square-meter rooms. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are just some of the attractions of this palace where you feel like an aristocrat!

4. Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo, France
One of the best hotels in the world is home to one of the most exclusive casinos. Clients can refresh themselves with a refined meal at restaurant in the hotel or at the phenomenal Americain Bar where they can choose between 300,000 wines. Then they can go on a casino night or go out to the hotel in Place du Casino where they can choose between one of the five casinos, some of them famous movie scene such as James Bond: Casino Royale.

3. Venetian Macao, China
Celine Dion, Beyonce or Police are just a few of the artists who can be seen in this casino, not to mention the Cirque de Soleil. The spectacular building was built to dominate Macao and to impress its citizens, offering a 51,000-square-foot casino where you can find absolutely any attraction. This besides to the indoor mall or the spa and concert halls.

2. The Bellagio, Vegas, SUA
Extreme and opulent luxury, this are the two features that put Bellagio at the top of many casino charts. It’s one of the most famous casinos in Vegas, just because it has appeared in movies like Rush Hour 2, Ocean’s Eleven and Thirteen or 2012. You can not say that you went through Vegas if you did not get here!

1. Wynn Las Vegas
Yes, there are two Las Vegas casinos on the list, although we could put all five of them here! Wynn is the result of hard work and dedication and includes a hotel, a casino, a congress center and countless shops. The luxury is all over here and the hotel has received the highest awards (five AAA diamonds, five Forbes star, a Michelin star and let’s not forget the Ferrari and Maserati showrooms from inside!

How to Play at an Online Casino
You could try to prepare yourself by reading books, but the method will definitely give you the wrong way. Before you get to play at any of the casinos listed above, you’d better learn how to play online using one of the online gambling sites, such as Stargames Online. Here the fun is guaranteed, even if you are in your own palace, at home!

(All photos courtesy of pixabay)

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