Top Tips For Making a Good Impression on a First Date!

March 15, 2018

The initial meeting of two people is make or break and can be riddled with anxiety.  First impressions do indeed last and determine whether you’ll get that all-important second date.  With an estimated 17 million singles in Britain, there are bound to be many first date opportunities indeed.

Your chances are best if you live in Manchester, where more than half the population is not attached. Other single-city havens are Oxford, Nottingham, Cambridge, and Brighton and Hove – so singletons, head that way if you’re hoping to hook up.


Should you Give a Gift to your Date?

To get that all-important second date, there has to be chemistry, laughter and hopefully some commonalities. It also has to be fun or at least relaxed, but not overly intimate.

But what of bringing a gift though?  Gifts are a thoughtful and universally welcomed by the recipient, provided they’re not too personal. Nothing overly expensive either – show you have good taste, without exhibiting extroverted signs of wealth. Doing so is not only potentially vulgar, but also legitimises the expectation of expensive presents each time.

Bringing something is thoughtful and endlessly endearing.  It says you have spent time thinking about the person, or at very least, put in more than minimal effort.  Gestures need not be big, but the emphasis is decidedly taste over tackiness.

Flowers Say it Best

Flowers always work – there is an ethereal beauty to them that transcends preference, gender and occasion.  A perfect single red rose is still the gold standard when it comes to romance. If you’re a man, she’ll particularly appreciate your sentimentality.

If you’re buying a bunch, stick to the simple and timeless – nothing so big that you can’t see her over it or that would resemble funeral flowers (proteas). Keep it simple and stylish – not a mishmash of colours and kinds.

Pottering about?  That’s great!

You could take it up a notch with a pot plant. Succulents are great, as they’ll survive almost any conditions provided they’re not overwatered.  If you want to combine the elegance of a flower with the idea of a plant, orchids are opulent and stylish.  Cymbidium orchids are great, but the after-care can be tricky.

A potted phalaenopsis orchid makes a style statement all on its own, and is likely to bloom for two or three months. It is slightly easier than a cymbidium to look after as a houseplant post-blooming as well.

Although you can afford Gucci perfume, designer handbags and silk accessories, it is too soon for these incredible but intimate presents.  OK a silk scarf maybe – but only if you know she wears these accessories often, what motifs, if any, she likes, and what her colour preferences are.

If you’d like to be somewhat flashy and give him those sterling silver cufflinks, then do so. But doting your date with diamonds early on is too much too soon. Jewellery is for keeps and for the milestone moments to come, and also a highly personal matter of taste.

The one exception is possibly Swarovski crystal jewellery.  This precision-cut luxury brand crystals can reflect light in a similar way to diamonds, and the packaging is indulgent.  These gifts are just the right mix of ‘let me take your breath away’ and ‘not so expensive as to signal a commitment’.  Avoid costume jewellery completely.

A Well-Thought-Out Bottle of Wine

If you know their favourite wine varietal, bring a mid- to high-end bottle – but don’t hint that they should open it at the table.  Give him or her a chance to savour the date at home, literally.

Forbes has a good shortlist of wines that make sifting through the 10,000 grape varietals and their liquid derivatives easier. Red is classier than white, as it ages better, and is also traditionally less casual. Perhaps you know your date’s  favourite cabernet blend or that they’re really into a more niche regional variety, such as a fine Pinotage or Mavrodaphne

Sexual Honesty is the Best Policy!

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Modern dating is far from being exclusively he-she affairs.  According to Badoo insights, there is still a surprisingly high percentage of people who feel uncomfortable knowing and interacting with someone LGBT.  One of the more important things before the meeting is to gently but firmly discern where on the sexuality spectrum your date is.

This has two important implications: If either you or your partner is sexually fluid but this has not been obvious to deduce, both of you need to be comfortable with it.  For example, John may be enthralled with what so far looks to be his dream girl, Jane.  But if Jane hasn’t disclosed that she has had a bisexual past, or that she is, in fact, bisexual, it could be an issue later on. Even if John has no problem with it, he may never get over her not being forthright upfront.

Of course, dating apps make things fundamentally easier. But not all of us will meet online, and not everyone will be honest with their disclosures, even given the relative anonymity of doing so in the virtual world.  If you think the issue of gender fluidity is no big deal, you’re wrong.  A British study found that 43 percent of young people identify as being gender fluid.

Show Some Love for Their Hobbies or Pets

Finally, anything that shows you’ve been paying attention will fire you up the favourites ladder fast.  If your date likes a particular author, bring their latest bestseller.  If he’s a fitness enthusiast, a lovingly put together box of after-gym, low-calorie snacks will say ‘nibble on me the next time you need to work up a sweat’ in the most innocent and thoughtful of ways.

If they’re really into their pet, something to spoil the feline or canine will have them silently purring in contentment.  Best of all – when it comes to the pet, you needn’t spare any expense.  It’s one of those odd things but if you are into flashing the cash, designer pet accessories say ‘he or she cares’ rather than ‘he or she is trying to buy me’.

First dates can be fun when a little consideration is shown through thoughts of unexpected kindness.

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