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February 14, 2018

As the awards season heats up, us mere mortals have to make do with getting to and from parties and events on the tube or bus.  NOT so glam.  Frizzy rain hair, sore toes from your killer heels and just the basic basicness of public transport – none of it screams fabulous.

Celebs and VIPs always arrive at bashes looking immaculate and a lot of this is basically down to their mode of transport.  No night buses for them!  Which is where exclusive chauffeur service Starr Luxury Cars come in.  With clients from Idris Elba to the CEO of Yahoo, they have a motor suited to every event.

Luxuria Lifestyle were given the Rolls Royce Phantom treatment so we could experience being ferried around London like a true rock star.

We were picked up at noon and before we even got in, the majestic wagon was drawing quite a bit of attention.  With cream leather interiors, a star scape lighting feature, hectares of leg room and an inbuilt bar, the Rolls Royce Phantom was a beast of a car.  Also equipped with a state of the art sound system and tinted windows we were well and truly rolling like royalty.

Tourists and passers-by snapped pictures of us as we glided past on Tower Bridge and into the City, sipping on champagne with the music up nice and high.

Even though the Rolls Phantom is 19 foot long, it’s only a four seater so you can really kick back and relax – plenty of room for a big statement dress (like a wedding frock), touching up hair and make-up and just generally arriving at your destination relaxed and pampered.

Our next stop was Stoke Park country club, hotel and spa in Buckinghamshire – so we could see what the Rolls could do on the open road.  It was like floating up the motorway.  Not long after, we were dropped off at the imposing entrance to Stoke Park – a sprawling luxury retreat with a sumptuous spa and restaurant as well as a famed golf course, a favourite of Sean Connery.

Indeed, another James Bond link is that Daniel Craig’s murder scene in Layer Cake was shot there.  Fancy!  The spa, located in the Pavilion, was lovely and quiet on the day we visited.  In fact, we had the heated swimming pool to ourselves, as well as the Italian marble steam room and outdoor hot tub.  Luscious robes were also provided and after we had thoroughly spa-ed ourselves, we were treated to another glass of bubbly.

All this finery was making us peckish, so next up was Stoke Park’s legendary afternoon tea.  Located in the Orangery, this was proper luxury.  A selection of freshly baked scones, clotted cream, jams and delectable sandwiches (our favourite was the egg and cress) made up four tiers of loveliness.  And it kept coming.  The helpful staff ensured our plates were never empty.

And you guessed – even more champagne.

We were so full up on treats and relaxed we dozed in the Rolls Royce all the way back to London.  The seats recline almost like beds and the lighting can be adjusted so it’s like being in a 5-star hotel room.  The service is door to door and nothing is too much trouble.

As a treat, for your wedding or just because you can, Starr Luxury Cars is a taste of just how the lucky 1% live.   Starr Luxury Cars aims to be the first luxury car service to welcome the upcoming fastest road car ever to their already jaw dropping fleet, the Tesla Roadster.  A welcome addition that will complement the Lamborghinis and Aston Martins that can either be rented or as a sublime chauffeur opportunity we were treated to.

In 2018, Starr Luxury is also aiming to become the first luxury service to accept Bitcoin.  Nothing is too much or too little to ask for with Starr Luxury Cars and proves that luxury and convenience go hand in hand.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Hayley Coyle

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