Want Legs Like a Victoria’s Secret Model? ‘Francesca the Method’ Shows You How!

July 8, 2016

So you want legs like a Victoria’s Secret Model?  Then it’s time to ditch those heavy weights & bulky strength training fitness regimes.

To achieve a beautiful (without looking bulky) aesthetic for your body, ‘Francesca the Method’ is a fitness regime to sculpt and chisel your body to give you cover-model magazine-worthy long and lean legs.

‘Francesca the Method’s’ aim is to create a long and lean physique, focusing on particular muscle groupings to shape, tone  and lengthen exact trouble areas of the body.  It is a targeted workout that fits into the modern woman’s busy lifestyle, juggling daily responsibilities of family, career and social life with a philosophy aimed at being quick, efficient and effective.

Francesca Giacomini is the founder of ‘Francesca the Method’ combining her personal training skills with nutrition and lifestyle advice to improve your overall health and fitness levels.  As an an ex-pro Judo athlete, Francesca spent many years training at her fathers gym in Rome.  She later moved to London in 2001 and fell in love with Pilates.

Francesca the Method’ was born, with it’s all-round 360-degree lifestyle lessons, combining good nutrition with her tailor-made workouts.  Pilates encompasses all that Francesca loves about sports and dance and it is her extensive training and raw passion in this fitness discipline that’s she shares with us.

‘Francesca the Method’ focuses on exact muscle grouping, with exercises for chiseling and sculpting the body.  By using precise movements with specific equipment lasting between 35 to 45 minutes, Francesca has created the ultimate workout.

Training with Francesca will see you mainly on the Pilates Reformer, alongside body barre conditioning (the training favoured by Victoria’s Secret Models) and a personal session on the Pilates Reformer machine.

“My method is all about lengthening and toning, without adding the bulk that gym work often does.  I target women’s specific trouble areas, like glutes, legs, abs and arms.  Through the use of precise exercises alongside specific equipment, my method chisels muscles to perfection.  If you want toned legs, we’ll get you toned legs.  If you want a flatter stomach, that’s what we’ll very specifically work on” says Francesca.

‘Francesca the Method’ has to be exercised with total precision: “One trick of mine is to always elongate the leg, never releasing the muscle tension, and always keeping it squeezed and straight throughout the whole exercise. It’s quality over quantity! We tend to do lots of repetitions and sets with very light equipment – this guarantees you tone up, rather than add bulk.”

“The best workout to elongate legs is my bespoke Band Class, a must-have if you are planning a weekend away!  Amazing for lengthening and toning, forget diamonds, bands are a girl’s best friend!”

The Goddess Workout videos will help you keep fit anytime anywhere with the ‘Francesca the Method’ philosophy, although Francesca points out the importance of good nutrition to compliment your fitness regime: “It is also vital to keep an eye on your nutrition; the two work together side by side, like great lovers!”

Trained in nutrition and physical training Francesca has presented a fitness show on Sky TV, created a DVD box-set The Goddess Workout, and has written 5 health and fitness books including ‘Goodness For Goddesses’.

Francesca holds regular classes at KX Gym and holds private classes at Matt Roberts, or in the privacy of your own home in Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Prices start from £100 for a 45 minute session.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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