What Does Modern Luxury Mean to You?

May 17, 2018

The resources available to us in the twenty-first century mean that many of us in Britain lead relatively luxurious lifestyles. The older generations may still remember leaving the house in the cold to use the outdoor toilet, or walking down the street to make a phone call from the pay phone, but thankfully these times have passed, and the current generation are not willing so much as to move from their seat when they need to make a phone call.  Depending on your personal interests, preferences and tastes, different aspects of modern luxury will appeal more deeply to you; in this article we outline three of the most popular favourites, in gratitude of all they have contributed to 21st century society.

Eating Out

(Photo Credit: Pixabay: Baohm)

Most Grandparents will tell you they wouldn’t have dreamed of eating out ‘in their day’, as the cost of doing so was far beyond the means of their parents. Even those who did have the privilege of eating in restaurants would probably have done so only very seldomly to celebrate a special occasion. Otherwise, dining out was reserved for the elite. This is a whole world away from our current culture of eating in pubs and restaurants. Cities are littered with chain restaurants that we all know and love, and for many people finding an undiscovered eatery is a fun way to spend a weekend evening. The ever-growing notion of globalisation and our increasingly multicultural society also means we’re able to enjoy delicious cuisines from around the world, so it’s really no surprise we enjoy eating out so much when there’s such great choice! When opting for next-level luxury, many 5 star hotels have restaurants you can visit for a world-class meal, and establishments such as Michelin Star restaurants offer an elaborate dining experience.



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We might not like to admit it, but the majority of us would struggle to survive without our smartphones. We’re so reliant on our mobile devices for so many reasons that making phone calls has become a fairly minor aspect of their purpose. From checking emails to banking to getting travel directions, we would be (possibly literally) lost without our beloved smartphones. Of course, smartphones aren’t the half of it. The business world would not be as complex and sophisticated as it is today without the high-speed internet available to us, and the world would be a different place if organisations were not able to communicate and collaborate so easily internationally. We’re certainly thankful the days of dial-up connections are over. Whilst our go-to when thinking of modern technology is the internet and smartphones, there are many other technological developments which are all too easily overlooked. Most of us would be deeply distressed at the thought of living without a dishwasher, or not having a coffee machine situated conveniently in our kitchen or workplace.



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As with our smartphones, clothing is no longer primarily to serve a practical function. Many people in modern society use their sense of style as a means by which to express themselves, telling something of their personality through the clothes that they wear and how they structure their overall physical appearance. Designer clothing is an especially glamorous way of demonstrating that you have ‘made it’ in the world, whether you are doing the school run in a pair of designer jeans or attending an extravagant event in a head-turning ballgown. The latest statement pieces are showcased in global fashion festivals such as the fashion weeks hosted in London, Milan and Paris, so if high-end fashion is your preferred form of luxury, jetting off to one of these should be at the top of your to-do list.


Home interiors

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Finally, for the majority of the middle class, our homes do not serve merely as functional places for us to sleep and carry out chores, but we like our homes to be places of great comfort and notable luxury. Many people enjoy hosting parties or dinners in their homes, and as such strive to make their home a welcoming and elegant environment. This often includes having high-end furniture such as Chesterfield sofas, high-quality fittings for kitchens and bathrooms, luxurious carpets or wooden flooring and decorating with ornaments such as ornate lamps and valuable paintings. Together, all these elements create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying dinner with friends or catching up over a bottle of wine. Whether you reside in a contemporary city apartment or a century-old country farmhouse, the interior design of your home can be styled to showcase just how upmarket that type of setting can be. This luxurious home lifestyle may just be our favourite aspect of modern luxury.

Whichever element of modern luxury appeals most to you, we must not become complacent with all that we have, and should show gratitude that we can live in such comfort with so many amenities surrounding us, and make an effort to appreciate and use our resources responsibly.

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