Why run, when you can walk?

April 16, 2013

Buying your first pair of Louboutin’s is a fashionistas’ rite of passage….

Membership into an imaginary super club for the well heeled… A ridiculously extravagant purchase that looks way to good to have to scrape that beautifully rich red sole…

Last week, I became part of that club and boy did it feel good! It’s a purchase I’ve been building up to.  It’s a lot of money to spend on one pair of shoes and yet they’ve fitted into my shoe collection so snugly, that I don’t remember what I used to wear before.  Pre-Louboutin shoe selecting was nowhere near as much fun…

Christian Louboutins’ carefully crafted designs have been pushed into the public eye with great impact.  Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair for her wedding. Madonna wore a thigh high pair in her ‘Celebration’ video. The first time I saw a pair, Posh Spice was wearing them. Gracefully sauntering along as she does, with ridiculously elongated pins in the most beautiful black shoes I’d ever seen. Probably a ‘Bianca’ or ‘Decollette 100’, they almost looked like any other pair… until I caught a glimpse of the infamous signature sole, and fell in love. I actually remember painting the soles of my Zara heels with red nail varnish just to see how it would look – don’t worry, they never made it outside!

I’ve seen Posh in numerous pairs since. She’s actually got the art of carrying Harper Seven while wearing a 6 inch pair, down to a tee (I’ve no idea how she does that…?!)

So, fast forward a good few years and almost as heady an experience as buying your first Prada, I decided it was time. The justification was simple – I go out and need to get dressed up. Lots. And I’m short, so therefore wearing heels is a necessity.  And on those two points, my debit card was about to take a pounding from the pin machine at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.  Did I feel guilty as the ‘pin approved’ message pinged up?!! Ermm no.  All I could think about was my beautiful patent leather peep toe prives nestled comfortably in their red cloth bags, in a shoe box I most definitely wouldn’t be throwing away this time.

But then the first outing. Ouch.  Pinch at the toes?!! Understatement of the century!  They’re definitely not quite as easy to walk in as a classic stiletto from Office.  They take some serious wearing in.  And under no circumstances do I think I’ll ever be able to do a full on dancing sesh at Mahiki while keeping them on all night – but then again, that’s what the fold up shoe was invented for?  Right?!  I’ve decided to keep mine for dinners, and walking very short distances… from car, to restaurant, and back to car – the perfect solution!  (Looks like those Office classics may see another outing after all…)

And let’s face it, as ungraceful as it is, if you’re gonna fall flat on your face while trying to totter with poise and purpose, at least you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the soles of your shoes look absolutely amazing…

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