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July 12, 2023

2023 Product Selection from Joy Resolve

Barisieur Original 

The Barisieur is an automatic tea and coffee brewer for your bedroom and office. Featuring alarm clock functionality, it can wake you up with a fresh brew every morning or have one ready as you walk into work. It also functions as an on-demand brewer, so you can enjoy delicious coffee and tea throughout the day.

The Barisieur Original retails for £345.00 from here

Barisieur Grande

For those who like a larger pour, the perfect option is the Barisieur Grande – a new take on an iconic design, adding larger brew sizes, dual serving, and a pour-over carafe.

Alongside the introduction of a larger boiling vessel (up to 450ml of coffee or tea in one serving) and a dual spout for even distribution into two cups at once, the Barisieur Grande upgrades don’t stop. The introduction of a solid timber transport tray for versatile placement, a ‘Brew Chamber’ attachment for and endless selection of speciality teas, and a paper filter brewing option, the Barisieur is a step up in more ways than merely its size.

The Barisieur Grande retails for £395.00 from here

Groove Compact Grinder 

The Groove Compact™ handheld coffee grinder launched online at the start of 2023 and is now available to purchase online and through retailers of Joy Resolve’s product range.

Joy Resolve’s initial vision when launching the brand and the Barisieur was to add a touch of magic to the physical ritual of creating a morning cup of coffee. The Groove Compact™ handheld coffee grinder is the natural next step from Joy Resolve, allowing the brand experience to be taken on the go.

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