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November 10, 2022

3 Christmas tipple options

Christmas is just a few weeks away now and whether you need some ideas for your Christmas gathering or gift ideas, here are a few to give you inspiration:

Gwalarn (meaning North West Wind)

Origin: France – RRP: £35.99

For something a bit different we recommend this Celtic whisky from Brittany in France. The nose is rich and opulent with the first powerful notes of grain and slight peat give way to an aromatic palette combining the sweetness of vanilla, the complexity of leather and smoky tobacco and some honey. In the mouth the honey extends supported by slight peat and saline notes with aromas of gingerbread combined with flavours of candied fruit.
Availability: The Whisky Exchange

Sagamore Spirit
 – Double Oak Rye

Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
 – RRP: £69

This is a fantastic example of a Baltimore rye, slightly sweeter than other rye’s with a higher corn content from a brand that is fast becoming popular in the UK and last year this rye won a Master of Category medal in the UK in the American whisky category at The Drinks Business & Spirits Business Spring Blind Tasting. The secret to this Double Oak Rye is 18-months of extended ageing time in toasted wave stave barrels, making this whiskey at least seven-years-old. Delightful notes of caramel, honey, hazelnut, and pecan explode on the palate.
Availability: Master Of Malt

Nouaison Reserve – Maison Villevert

Origin: Cognac, France – RRP: £37.45

This dark gin made from grapes rather than grain is barrel aged in oak barrels containing cognac creating an ideal spirit to add a new dimension to classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, where gin rather than whisky can be used to create an excellent and unexpected gin cocktail for your Christmas guests.
Availability: Whisky Exchange

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