Qatar Airways’ Inaugural Flight From Doha to Adelaide – Business Class

May 3, 2016

Making a little piece of history in the air last night, I was one of the lucky 172 passengers to experience Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight from Doha to Adelaide on the world’s newest commercial jet – the A350.

Powered by two Rolls Royce engines and said to reduce jet lag through a number of factors, I can actually say I feel pretty spritely after my journey aboard the A350 – especially as I’ve just done the long haul from London Heathrow!  This leg of the journey was a pretty compact 12 hours 10 minutes – not bad considering you can now travel from London Heathrow to Adelaide via Doha in just 19 hours!

So what backs up the claims that the A350 can leave you feeling fresh after crashing through a pretty significant time barrier?!  The lightweight materials used to make the aircraft, reduce cabin pressure for passengers, while air is purified every two minutes with hi-tech air con that stops those sudden temperature changes.  The plane itself, is wider than other aircrafts, allowing more room and a new LED system simulates the inflight lighting to help passengers adapt to the time changes.

Working as a travel journalist means I get to travel a lot – it’s a perk or sometimes a peril of the job! But Qatar’s Business Class service aboard the A350 turned what could’ve been an extremely long, uncomfortable trip into one of my most pleasant experiences this year.

Take check-in for example.  No big queues.  No waiting around while the man in front takes six hours to remove his belt or put his laptop in a separate tray.  Fast track ensures you’re straight through in seconds while the helpful staff ensure a high level of security and pre-empt you with what you need to do before you even approach the line.

Then there’s boarding… ‘At your leisure’.  Just go to the separate allocated gate.  Again, no queue and straight to your business class seat without waiting for every single person in front of you to put their bag in the over head lockers.

Settle into your business class seat with a cold drink – smoothie, mocktail, espresso, champagne… Whatever you fancy!  And then stretch out your legs (they’ll never ever touch the seat in front no matter how tall you are) and wait for the engines to start up!

Watch a movie while enduring a super smooth take off.  There’s hundreds to choose from including the very latest premiers, and the sound quality from the cushioned headphones is unbelievable.  You can even switch to surround sound if you prefer.  And while you’re sifting through the beautiful goodie bag provided by Giorgio Armani (you’ll find socks, ear plugs, a 100ml body lotion, mini perfume, lip balm and eye mask in your Armani make up bag), you can feel pretty smug that you’ve got the utmost of comfort to look forward to for the foreseeable future.

Service is impeccable.  Would I like a hot towel?  Would I like the wine list?  Would I like the menu lovingly prepared by a star chef?!  Yes all of those things please!  Lunch can easily be a five course affair if you’d like.  Bread, soup, starter, main, dessert, cheese, chocolates and coffee!  Or as little as you’d prefer too of course.  Light bites on my flight included lamb patty’s and an assortment of hot savoury pastries.  I chose the mezze starter with pittas, humous, tabouleh and feta salad, followed by the deliciously tasty chicken biryani with fried onions, rice and pomegranate seeds. And all this of course at my table – laid out with table cloth, napkins and cutlery, five-star-restaurant style.

Even the toilet visits are pleasant!  Forgive me for bringing it up, but they’re actually spacious, with as much hand lotion and frothy hand wash as you could want.  There’s even fresh red roses in here, spotlights on the ceiling and a full length mirror…

Working on flight is also as comfortable as any desk space you’d find in your office.  The table is extendable and has enough room for you to comfortably spread out a diary, a laptop and of course a drink!  And when you’ve had enough of the daily grind mid-air and you’ve let your family know eveything’s going swimmingly (there’s free wifi…), then you can turn your pod into a bed at the touch of a button, lie out full length, with ear plugs in and eye mask on and catch a quick snooze before landing.

To experience true luxury in the air with business class flights with Qatar Airways and to fly the new Doha to Adelaide route click here.

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