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March 7, 2020

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden

Your garden is your private refuge from the busy modern world. It could be the place where you entertain guests, take a break from the busy, messy house, or your kids play. And no matter how large it is, you can take steps to improve it. The best thing, however, is that these changes can often be very simple. You could also make additions that will make the space more liveable while making it more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Here are 5 easy ways to improve your garden.

Install a Veranda

A glass-roofed veranda is a great way to improve your garden. If you only install a glass roof over the patio, you’ll enjoy protection from the rain while enjoying the sun when the clouds open up.

Enclosed glass verandas let you enjoy the view of your garden regardless of the temperature. Note that the veranda needs to be sturdy as well as attractive. Services like Nationwide Home Renovation offer high quality, custom veranda designs that will blend into your home’s architecture. Nationwide verandas maybe glass or polycarbonate, depending on your preferences, and many of their verandas can be installed in just one day.

Let There Be Light

Adding lighting will make your garden usable in the afternoon and evening. Replacing a wood roof extension with a glass veranda will eliminate the dark afternoon shade. Installing strings of lights will give you light in the evening. If you don’t want to string up lights, then you could put solar-powered lights in the garden itself. Stake them along the edge of your porch or beside any pathways to improve visibility.

Take Care of Your Lawn

A simple way to improve any garden is to take care of the lawn. Pull up the weeds, and apply some fertiliser to make the grass look healthier. This will also help prevent future weeds because the grass grows thicker.

You may need to apply fertiliser up to four times a year at several hours apiece, but this will prevent worn paths from foot traffic or dead patches that take a lot more time to repair. You’ll end up with a garden that’s that much more inviting. And while you’re at it, sweep or scrub your patio and walkways. Just wait until after you’ve applied fertiliser and cut the grass.

Add a Water Feature

We’re not saying you have to install a koi pond, but your garden could benefit from a water feature. It could be as simple as a birdbath, or you could even install a bird feeder to attract even more birds to your garden. Just make sure you clear out the clutter in your garden so that you’re not hosting vermin you don’t want around.


If your garden feels dull and dreary, look at everything that probably needs repainting. Your fence or shed probably needs a new coat of paint if they don’t need to be replaced altogether. Remember that you don’t have to repaint it the same old brown or grey; you could paint it yellow or blue to liven up space. However, you shouldn’t try to repaint rusted garden furniture; consider replacing it, and know that you can probably find cheap or free items listed online that others don’t want anymore.

There are many ways you can make your garden more appealing, no matter how large it is or how you use it. Start with a spring clean, and then move on to some of the improvements on our list.

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