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June 29, 2020

5 Top Vacations for Casino High Rollers

Most people are attracted to the buzzing energy of gambling destinations. High rollers, however, want a better option than wending their way through dollar slots to find the high limit room. Fortunately, there are vacation destinations that cater exclusively to the crowd who show up to play hard and win big.


Monte Carlo, the uber-wealthy, world-class city located within the Principality of Monaco, is the mother of all gambling destinations. Monte Carlo’s Place du Casino, the location of the most elegant gambling tables in Europe, has been featured in hundreds of movies—James Bond included—that wish to impart an ambience of royal entitlement to viewers.

The dress code during the day is moderately flexible (by European standards), but after dark evening wear is de rigueur. Think Hermes, YSL and Fendi.

When in Monaco, book a room at the Hotel de Paris, the Chevre d’Or, or the Fairmont, with its perfect location on the harbour. Your fellow hotel guests will be film stars, politicians, and captains of industry…people who, like you, crave the good life.

Casino Cruise

It is popular now for many cruise ships to offer a gaming area. However, the best cruise ship casinos are comparable to high-end land-based casinos in terms of stakes, ambience, service and elite company.

As an example, let us look at one of the most elite of the cruise lines: Crystal Cruises. These vacations at sea are expensive and exclusive. Voyages can run close to $70,000 and can take you in style from Phuket to Cape Town. Two of Crystal’s ships, the Serenity and the Symphony, host full-service casinos.

Note: because every casino is unique in its blend of offerings, check with the ship to make sure your favourite game is included in the onboard casinos, whether it be Baccarat, Texas Hold ’em or Pai Gow.


The Las Vegas gaming lifestyle needs no introduction. However, some of the more elite gaming establishments may be unknown to you, and ripe for discovery.

The Wynn and the Bellagio casinos are famous for their $1000 buy-in table games. The Bellagio also has a $1000-to-play slot machine, if watching the reels is how you relax.

While in Vegas, you can stay at the Palazzo, one of the most expensive casinos ever built, and enjoy the site’s Renaissance décor. Drinks and a cabana at one of the popular topless pool “day clubs” in Sin City run around $1500 per day. The perk is that you can gather old friends and new into the cabana with you.

Dine at the Restaurant Guy Savoy in Caesar’s Palace, and enjoy black truffle soup and foie gras. Dinner for two will run into the thousands, but by all accounts, it will be a meal to remember.


The elegant high-stakes casinos of London do not gain the splashy coverage of Vegas, which is precisely what London gamblers want. They want to play without fuss, so that focus remains on the dice, or the cards, or the wheel.

Crockford’s and Les Ambassadeurs are two upscale casinos that cater to the well-heeled crowd. Visitors to England’s jewel of a city can choose to stay at the Savoy or the Mandarin Oriental or Brown’s in Mayfair. This historic city offers a wealth (pun intended) of luxe choices in entertainment, lodging and cultural offerings.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum and a cruise on the Thames offer choices for a relaxed breather between Roulette and Baccarat. My personal leisure time favourites in London are Hatchard’s Bookstore in Piccadilly (founded in 1797) and of course, a visit to the Food Hall at Fortnum & Mason to pick up Scottish smoked salmon and a wedge of ripe Stilton.


This island gambling getaway is a distillation of everything that is important to high-stakes gamers. First, the casinos are packed. The crowds can be five deep around the green felt. Next, the play is serious, focused, intense.
You won’t find the jeans-wearing, flip flop clad sightseers here that you can find in Reno and Atlantic City. This is a live-or-die by the roll of the dice gambling destination, not for the casual player. The max wager hovers above $100,000, and a surprising number of Macau gamblers play close to this level.

Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Venetian Macau or the Morpheus City of Dreams Hotel to round out your all-glamour, all-time getaway.

Summing it Up

The world is host to such rich vacation options as private surfing getaways in Sri Lanka, tasting tours of Greece and yacht cruises into the fjords of Norway. However, if you value gambling as much as you love the sun, surf and serenity, then the aforementioned options are as tailor-made for you as a Jermyn Street wardrobe.

Whether you wish to fall asleep in Monaco or wake up aboard a cruise ship somewhere in the Adriatic Sea, these options will remind you of why you worked so hard in the first place.

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