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August 19, 2019

A fine dining experience at Salaam Namaste

Salaam Namaste provides an experience full of flavour, Indian culture and decadence within the heart of London itself. Located in the centre of London’s Bloomsbury, Salaam Namaste is only a few minutes away from Russell Square tube station. This restaurant not only serves the finest Indian cuisine; its menu also offers a contemporary setting. The combination of traditional favourites with the new wave of exciting flavours really captures London in all of its fantastic cultural diversity. With innovative ideas sweeping out of the sub-continent, this is the apogee of Indian dining; It is the definition of the modern Indian Restaurant.

Chef-patron Sabbir Karim, named Chef of the Year in the Asian Curry Awards 2012 and owner of the critically acclaimed sister restaurant Namaste Kitchen, in London’s leafy Primrose Hill and Camden Town, is claimed to never rest in his drive to bring the most exciting flavours of India and offer them to you in a modern yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. Wholeheartedly agreeing with this, it is very clear from the minute you step inside, that Salaam Namaste has a personal touch to it; From the interior design with beautiful golden touches to the staff themselves.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a warm reception of lovely staff who escorted myself and my guest to our seats at the back of the restaurant, where the light was dimly lit for extra essence of the fine dining ambience! We were given a selection of complimentary bread accompanied by sauces and dips to sink our teeth into whilst we surfed through the drinks menu. The naan bread was my particular favourite and I highly recommend ordering this initially whilst choosing from the menu to start you off. The evening continued on an all-time high with my personal highlight; the drinks! We were treated to a cocktail and mocktail each; both being some of the best I have ever tasted not only in London but in all of my global cocktail tasting! For those who prefer their drinks mixed slightly less strong so that the overwhelming taste is more of a fruity rather than an alcoholic one; this is the PERFECT place for you!

I enjoyed the Calcutta Crush with fresh strawberries muddled with lime wedges and brown sugar and lengthened with cranberry juice. Alongside this, I tasted the Namaste Delight with premium vodka, lemon juice and sugar syrup, topped up with soda and passion fruit. Containing a double shot of vodka, my cocktail still impressively maintained its fruity punch of berry bursting flavours. The cherry on top of the cake was that if you wish to be a little more adventurous the staff were completely willing to mix you a drink of your own, offering alcoholic versions of the mocktail menu if it was more catered to your preferred taste. Off to a fantastic start, it was time to order food.

For my starter, I was served the Coriander and Lime Chicken Tikka, marinated with coriander, fresh mint, green chilli and lime leaf, then grilled in Tandoor to finish. If the burst of flavours don’t make you fall in love with this dish the succulent chicken fillet will! Served ever so aesthetically, the dish was supplemented by a tomato dip that added an extra zing to the overall flavour. Moving efficiently onto our main course, we chose the Persian Lamb Dhansak cooked with lemon juice, dried herbs and lentils in a hot, sweet and sour sauce. It’s really worth noting the portion sizes at Salaam Namaste as they generously fill each plate with their amazing food. You will certainly walk away from this restaurant fully satiated! We also ordered the Fried and Lemon rice from the rice selection part of the menu to go with our main course which added even more texture to the dish. It is remarkable how every single flavour complemented each other to create one ravishing three-course meal overall. Which brings me swiftly onto our final point; dessert. For dessert, I ordered my classic and favourite dish, warm chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream and it certainly did not disappoint. The pudding was light and fluffy which after the wholesomeness of the starter and the main course made it easy to eat without feeling too full and heavy. The ice cream served as a nice contrast from the savoury aspect of the experience adding a traditional sweet taste to the menu.

Overall, I was absolutely stunned by the diverse and dynamic nature of the menu, offering a wide range of options to cater to all tastes yet still successfully ensuring each dish complimented each other. The preparation time demonstrated the restaurant staff’s efficiency and organization as we never found ourselves waiting for excessively long periods of time between courses yet the quality of the food was top notch. Salaam Namaste mastered the art of quality and quantity. I thoroughly enjoyed my time dining at this amazing restaurant in the heart of the city we all love and look forward to visiting again very, very soon.

A: 68 Millman St, Holborn, London WC1N 3EF
T: 020 7405 3697
W: Salaam Namaste

Written by Cresta Okwonko for Luxuria Lifestyle International

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