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October 31, 2018

A Guide to Planning the Ideal Trip to Mykonos

Mykonos has so many things to see or do that you may easily get lost and find out you don’t have enough time to see everything you would like to.  The key to a successful vacation is always to plan everything in advance.  Choose the details that suit you best and start booking as soon as possible!  This way you will not only get the best for you from your trip to Mykonos, but you will also benefit from a great discount!

Choose your Accommodation – Hotels & Villas

You will find out there are hundreds of venues for your accommodation – from the most luxurious to some simple ones.

First of all, you have to decide what sort of things you’d like your accommodation to have.  What are your set priorities?   If you want to be within a walking distance from most sights and bars, a hotel room in Chora Mykonos would be perfect for you.  If you prefer relaxation, lots of lavish space and privacy, one of Mykonos Luxury Villas will give you exactly what you want.

Hotels vary from one to five stars and the prices rise accordingly.  There are many resorts all around the island that offer a combination of luxury with being close to most useful facilities – like restaurants and spas.

Mykonos villas for rental can also be found in different prices and different locations.  Check what amenities and services each one offers and try to book early, while they still are available.

Transportation – Rent a Car / Chauffeur Services

Another detail you should arrange early is your transportation, especially if you book your accommodation outside of Chora.  Cars, bikes, jeeps, boats, limousines and even helicopters are all available for rental in Mykonos.

Remember that the island has many steep dirty roads, so if you want to explore the hills or some of the beautiful remote beaches, it would be better to rent a jeep or a quad bike.

For a more luxurious transportation experience, you can choose a limousine with a chauffeur.  This would be the ideal option in case you want to have a drink, or get exhausted by the wild Mykonos nightlife!  Your driver will take you back to your room safe.

Prioritise on Your Top Beach Spots (Psarou, Paraga, Panormos)

You definitely can’t visit all the beaches in Mykonos, so gather information about some of them and then decide on the few ones you don’t want to miss.

Psarou Beach is where you will meet a lot of international celebrities and VIP’s.  A gorgeous beach, which is protected from the wind, Psarou beach boasts soft sand and turquoise waters.  At Psarou you will find restaurants, beach bars, boutiques, water sports and even a hair dresser.  Remember to book a sunbed or a table – or you will have to sit on the sand!

Paraga Beach is an easily accessible, beautiful beach with a lot of young tourists.  At the far end of the beach, nudism is allowed.  It has some fine restaurants, many beach bars with loud music and a Mykonian party mood.

Panormos Beach is located at the northern shoreline of Mykonos which is windier than the south.  The beach is quiet and the environment is wild.  Perfect for windsurf lovers and couples that wish for a more serene beach.

Organise your Entertainment – Restaurants

You will have a big variety of options for your entertainment and you will definitely find what you like.  Nightlife is glorious in Mykonos and with some preparation you will see the best part of it!

From fine dining, offering excellent gourmet dishes with Mediterranean or exotic influences to the local taverns with fresh fish and seafood and some traditional specialties, your culinary experience will be more than pleasant.

Some examples of great restaurants in Mykonos are Interni, Spilia and Remezzo, M-eating, Katrin, Bill & Coo and Jackie O’.

Bars and nightclubs are everywhere in Mykonos but if you want to visit the hottest ones you will need to make a reservation.  Here are some suggestions:

– The Queen of Mykonos is a champagne and cocktail bar in the centre of Chora. Parties here start at sunset and continue after dawn

-Caprice Bar is situated on the seaside of Chora, just between the Windmills and Little Venice.  One of the jet-setters meeting points in Mykonos with wonderful views to the Aegean Ocean and endless nights of fun.

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