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January 13, 2020

A Model Workout: Meet the woman behind the hottest fitness trend of 2020

P.volve, a fitness method that Victoria Secret models swear by, is one of the social media’s most buzzed-about workouts. Loved by celebrities, models and influencers, it’s a workout that blends physical therapy with functional science and is designed to target and sculpt hard-to-access areas. Built around micro-movements and stepping patterns, with no burpees, crunches or squats insight; here the aim is to work with your body not against it.

Luxuria Lifestyle sits down with Rachel Katzman, the CEO of P.volve, about the growing business she created with her husband Stephen Pasterino.

How did P.volve begin?

When I met my husband, Stephen, I was young and trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle but working out always felt like a chore until I tried his workout. I was excited to go, quickly saw results I never got doing other workouts and most importantly, my back pain started to go away. After talking to his other clients who were seeing the same results and felt the same way I did, I knew we needed to share his method with the world. Stephen and I opened up a small gym in New York’s Chinatown that rapidly grew and our presence on social media was increasing on an international level – women of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes experiencing similar problems and using P.volve to ‘heal’ them. Stephen had an idea for a unique type of exercise ball (which is now our p.ball) and I knew that was our entry into the fitness market. I found three amazing women, who are still apart of the team, to help us officially build a brand, create & design a proprietary ball and build an online streaming platform. We did this all in 6 months and on November 8th, 2017, we launched P.volve.

What was the market missing at the time that made you see the need for It?

At the time, the market was really focused on intense workouts that aimed to make you sweat and push your body past its limit. There were so many women I would talk to in-person & via social media who were not happy with their results even though they were working out consistently – their body was in pain and their muscles were bulking. After meeting my husband and doing his workout for 6 months, my body started to dramatically change and I actually enjoyed going to workout! And most importantly, by body felt stronger and was pain-free.

How did you come up with the name P.volve? What does it mean?

The P stands for many different things: purposeful & precise movements, proprietary products, progress, and of course, my husband’s last name Pasterino!

Why do you think it’s resonated with so many people?

I think people were looking for a change in fitness and looking for a workout they actually enjoyed and felt good doing; ultimately, a method that gave them the results they were working so hard for. Our equipment is innovative & fresh, it’s small and portable, and it actually delivers. It’s all about working smarter not harder, and I think people want a more meaningful method where they understand why they are doing each exercise versus just going through the motions and seeing no results. It is also a method that is for anybody – all ages & fitness backgrounds – along with being scalable, so it’s up to you on how hard or easy you make the workout. But most of all, the method actually works and the results are priceless.

I know you’ve opened an amazing new studio in NYC – but for those in London, can people follow streaming workouts?

Of course! We offer a range of different programs and individual videos that you can filter by time, equipment, or body focus. P.volve is a very form specific method, so make sure to master the foundational moves, which you can do in our 30-day Evolution program or our 2-week beginner program. We also plan on coming to London multiple times throughout the year where we hold consumer pop-ups, so make sure to come to check it out in person! Furthermore, we have an amazing Facebook Streamers group where you can chat with fellow streamers to get tips & tricks, and you can always email or engage with our trainers on social with specific questions. We love hearing from our streamers!

What is it like to work with your spouse?

There are good days, and there are bad days, which is no different than anybody else you work with. Stephen and I have different work styles, so we don’t always see eye to eye on things, but it’s nice to know I always have someone in my corner cheering me on, who will always have my back and give me their honest opinion.

How do you manage (and sometimes don’t manage) work/life/love balance?

When you are working at a start-up, I don’t believe there is work/life balance, so for me, it’s all about prioritizing. Making sure my husband and I set aside time to eat dinner together (with no phones), watch our shows together, have playtime with our cats, have a date night, and try to travel with each other when we can for work. I have a hard time turning off and not always thinking or talking about P.volve, but it’s about realizing what your partner needs in order to feel special and making sure you are providing that.

What are some common misconceptions of working together – and what advice would you give to other spouses who are building a business together?

That it’s easy! It’s hard to separate work life from home life, but it’s something I’m constantly working on and try to not bring home my ‘work mindset’. I would know your strengths and your weaknesses and let each other shine in their area of expertise. On bad days, always remember why you started your business, and remember at the end of the day, you are both there for the same common goal – making the business succeed. And never go to bed angry!

How has the brand and offering developed since launching?

We are always evolving as a brand and listening to the data and to our customers to give them exactly what they want. We have introduced new trainers, more programs and fitness challenges, launched new innovative equipment, and higher-quality streaming content. We also opened our new, state-of-the-art flagship studio in NYC, a pop-up location in LA and will be launching two studios in spring 2020 in LA & Chicago. We’ve also had several pop-ups across the globe, which will continue to be a big focus for us.

What is the best thing someone has told you about the impact that P.volve has had on their wellbeing?

It’s hard to pick one, but I’ve had several users who have had or have an illness tell us stories about how they thought they’d never be able to work out again – and when they find P.volve, everything changes. They no longer feel stuck in their body, they are able to move without feeling pain, feel strong, and get their confidence back; nothing beats that.

What’s next for you and P.volve?

It is never a dull moment at P.volve. We are expanding our brick and mortar gym locations, introducing new top talent, equipment, and streaming programs. I believe in the motto ‘better is better’, so you will continue to see us improve and continue giving our users the best experience possible.

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Interview by Ashley Pearson for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International



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