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July 19, 2019

BEWATER – BELOVE, BEPOWER, BEJOY, BEMAGIC, Beautiful, reusable gem water bottles

Drawing on an ancient practice that stretches back thousands of years, bewater bottles incorporate beautiful, ethically sourced gemstones at their core, each chosen to transfer a specific energy ‘blueprint’ when the bottle is filled with water.

Placing gemstones in or around water is believed to change the structure and taste of water and this tradition continues today. Science shows that water has memory and picks up information from its surroundings.

Certain gemstones can absorb energy from movement, pressure and heat and convert it into electric energy, each emitting a unique frequency. This effect is what makes quartz watches work.

It is believed that the gemstones in gem water bottles transfer their energy information to the water in the bottle, changing and improving the water’s structure and its oxygen and pH levels.

There are four bewater ‘paths’ to chose from: belove, bepower, bejoy and bemagic. Each has been designed using gemstones inspired by these qualities.

Simply fill your bottle with water, leave for approximately ten minutes and enjoy!

Bewater offer a choice of glass and plastic bottles. Their plastic bottles are made from durable, BPA-free Tritan plastic and their glass bottles from lead-free borosilicate.

Far from contributing to the deluge of single-use plastic choking our oceans, Tritan plastic is a good quality, long-lasting plastic that actually has a smaller eco footprint than that of glass. Essentially, both materials are reusable. A third bottle, especially designed for children (also made from Tritan plastic), is also available.

Bewater bottles cost from £25.95 (Junior Tritan bottles from £19.95) and are available from Bewater, Amazon, Planet Organic and Fenwicks.

Will you belove, bepower, bejoy or bemagic? Choose your Bewater here

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