Buff yourself beautiful again with DermaTx – the UK’s first ‘at home’ Microdermabrasion system.

February 22, 2017

Chin up!  We’re through the worst of it, we’re on the home stretch to summer.  The days are finally starting to get longer and those mornings are starting to get a tiny bit brighter.  But if like me, still all you can see in the mirror is winter etched across your skin, British skincare specialist DermaTx now has a powerful new at home solution.  For the price of a single salon treatment you can now regularly buff yourself to a dewy spring glow with the UK’s first ‘at home’ microdermabrasion system.

DermaTXThe system comes with a handy, portable and easy to use facial tool, which uses micro-pulsed vibrations to gently massage the fine microcrystals into the skin, complete with both a foam applicator and a lush baby soft brush.  The ‘wonder cream’ itself goes a really long way, lasting months, making this in my mind a far more attractive proposition than traditional salon services.  And unlike most Salon microdermabrasion treatments,DermaTx offers three different formulas targeting different skin types, so you can tailor your treatment to your specific concerns – Clarify, Rejuvenate and Brighten.

Suffering with oily skin myself, central heating and city pollution have wreaked havoc on my skin of late, leaving me with open, clogged pores  – and a desire to avoid mirrors at all cost.  So the DermaTx Clarify Cream was the obvious choice for me.  With Salicylic acid (a “must have” ingredient for anyone with acne prone skin), Retinol, Tea Tree oil and anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, I noticed a visible improvement in the look and feel of my face after one application and a noticeable reduction in breakouts within only two weeks of use.

Application is easy, a few dabs of the microcrystal formula is applied directly to the face and then using the foam applicator in small circles for two minutes, dead skin was sloughed off in a jiffy, with  pores left gleaming and cheeks cashmere soft.  In between treatments use the facial brush with the tool for daily routine cleansing.

DermaTXAfterwards, if you can even bear to remove it from it’s beautiful packaging in the first place, the facial tool can be sat in it’s handy cradle, pride of place on your bathroom shelf for all to see – because, believe me, EVERYONE’s going to want one of these once the word gets out!

Brighten, Clarify and Rejuvenate systems £70, available from

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Leonie West

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