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March 23, 2019

Cookson Adventures to recreate elegant RMS Titanic dinner ahead of historic dive to wreck.

Ultra-luxury adventure travel company Cookson Adventures will recreate and make history this summer in a unique expedition to the wreck of RMS Titanic.

Thanks to a partnership with a renowned manned submersible operator, OceanGate, clients of Cookson Adventures are able to join The Titanic Survey Expedition in July. This will be a six-week research expedition to digitally document and preserve the historic site before the ship’s steel body is lost to complete deterioration, caused by physical, chemical and biological processes.

Operated by OceanGate, Titan is the first and only privately-owned five-person submersible capable of reaching Titanic, with space for three mission specialists, one scientist and a pilot. Constructed from carbon fibre and titanium, the vessel is also the first, and only, manned submersible to implement real-time hull health monitoring, ensuring the safety of its occupants in the hostile ocean environment.

Much of the prestige that surrounds the ‘unsinkable’ ship is the complexity of accessing its magnificent hull for viewing or research. At almost 4,000m below sea level, any submersible that visits the wreck must be able to withstand the phenomenal outside pressure of approximately 6,500lbs per square inch. For this reason, only a select few have ever made the trip, yet Cookson Adventures is making it possible for nine citizen explorers to participate as mission specialists in one of the first manned dives in over a decade.

On arrival in St. John’s, Newfoundland, clients of Cookson Adventures will link up with the Normand Reach, a state-of-the-art support vessel designed as a base for technically demanding offshore projects, and journey to the wreck. Assisting the expedition crew with dive planning, whilst learning sonar operation, subsea navigation and submersible prep, clients will enjoy a full deep-sea exploration experience whilst sailing overnight to the wreck.

On arrival at the site, dives will be accompanied by a professional researcher, who will guide clients through marine life on the descent and provide a detailed tour of the ship. As well as visiting a point on the earth where fewer people have been than have summited Mt. Everest, clients will also have an opportunity to assist in photography and sonar mapping, collecting data to create a 3D virtual model. This will allow researchers to assess the rate of decay over time and help to measure the environmental impact of the hundreds of thousands of other shipwrecks around the globe.

To round off the trip, clients will be treated to an authentic Titanic celebratory dinner, as enjoyed by the vessel’s First Class passengers. This elegant 10-course recreation will be paired with hand-picked, period correct wines, thanks to Wine Source, a global premium wine supplier. A prestige wine pairing will be available, with vintages dating as early as 1907, including a bottle of 1907 Heidsieck Gout Champagne, the exact vintage drunk aboard the Titanic, salvaged from the wreck of a Swedish schooner sunk by a German submarine in 1916.

Adam Sebba, CEO of Cookson Adventures, said, “A trip to the Titanic is a rare and unusual opportunity that will no doubt be a highlight in anyone’s travelling portfolio, increased in value with the addition of this incredible dining experience. With the added importance of the research, both for the historic nature of mapping the world’s most famous ship and the wider implications for the conservation of the ocean floor, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Thomas Delande, spokesperson for Melchior Club by Wine Source added, “As the world’s ‘Fine Wine Concierge’ service, our reputation enables us to source rare bottles and specific vintages at our clients’ request. The Titanic was the embodiment of luxury, when it set sail in 1912, and the ability to recreate the masterpiece that was the evening meal, with paired vintage wines appropriate to this feast is an incredible culinary feat.”

Stockton Rush, OceanGate’s CEO and Chief Pilot, added, “Cookson Adventures is a team of seasoned professionals who deliver first class service, unprecedented experiences and understand the complexity of the Titanic Survey Expedition. We are honoured to have them as part of the team.”

Cookson Adventures was founded in 2009 by world record adventurer Henry Cookson and has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of travel. Operating at the highest end of the luxury travel market, trips combine elegance and adventure, offering ‘world-first’ experiences, each with their own unique personalisation.

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