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May 8, 2023

CORD Restaurant by Le Cordon Bleu

Location and history

CORD by Le Cordon Bleu is located on London’s famous Fleet Street, with its entrance tucked away in a private corner of Grade II listed building, in keeping with the discreet and elegant style of this fine dining restaurant.

CORD is the first fine dining restaurant in London by the famed Culinary Arts Institute. However, it also incorporates a daytime cafe, a cookery school for aspirational chefs, a culinary event space and private dining and function rooms, serving as an all-in-one concept.

Remaining true to tradition, the focus of CORD remains on delivering exquisite dining experiences, backed by the excellence and savoir-faire brought by Le Cordon Bleu techniques, passion for innovation and the desire to celebrate the local gastronomy, all fronted by executive chef Christophe Marleix.

Upon arrival

When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who took our coats and guided us into the main restaurant, where one of the waiters took over hosting duties and escorted us to our table and arranged our drinks order.

The meal

With it being the coronation weekend, CORD were offering their guests the exclusive Coronation menu.

We started with an amuse-bouche of mushroom arancini balls, which were delicious and full of flavour. This was accompanied by ‘laminated bread’, grilled with butter and thyme. A superb creation with strong flavours and is perfectly cooked.

The starter course was asparagus with Parmesan foam, soft-boiled egg and Parmesan tuile crisp. An exquisite dish, full of flavour and colour, all superbly cooked and presented.

Moving on to the main course, we were served lamb with pecorino, Savoy cabbage, mushroom pickle and lamb jus. The lamb was probably the tenderest we have ever had the pleasure to savour, the jus was just the right amount to be the perfect accompaniment and the cabbage, although not a favourite of ours, was perfectly cooked and beautifully seasoned. The tuile added a lovely ‘bite’ to an otherwise soft and tender dish.

Dessert was a superb rhubarb and strawberry tart, served with rhubarb and vanilla sorbet, topped with edible gold leaf. Fresh and crisp on the palette and bursting with British goodness, this dish was the perfect way to end a stunning meal.

To drink, we both elected for the fresh fruit punch, a mocktail as both of us do not drink, however, CORD offers an extensive wine list, as well as various alcoholic cocktails. Served in a tall glass with apple, pineapple and grenadine, fruity, refreshing and quite delicious.


If you’re after a fine dining experience in a relaxed setting that leaves you wanting to keep going back for more, then CORD by Le Cordon Bleu is definitely a must-visit, it is sure to become one of your favourite restaurants for those exclusive occasions.

W: CORD Restaurant
A: 85 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AE, United Kingdom
T: 020 3143 6365

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle Spain directors Dean & Tyler Verdin 

Instagram / #Luxurialife