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November 19, 2019

Creating A Luxurious Summer House To Add Value To Your Property

Summer houses give you a sweet, cosy space separate to your home that can be used for hobbies, entertaining or even just sitting back and relaxing in. Placing a summer house on your property can increase its value by up to 5%, so it’s a great choice for those who not only wish to get some enjoyment out of your space and also potentially earn yourself some money when you come to sell your home.

When you think of a summer house you might think of a glorified shed, but today you can craft a space that is truly luxurious and decadent. It takes a little hard work and a lot of planning and preparation, but the outcome will be a summer house you can get many hours of enjoyment from. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a summer house and how you can go about creating the perfect one to suit your needs and enhance your existing space.

Work Out How You’re Going To Use Your Summer House

Summer houses can be used to cultivate specific types of plants, as a luxury bolthole to get away from the world, or as a space to entertain distinguished guests. The activities you wish to enjoy in your summer house will affect where you place it in your garden and the style you choose to build, so think long and hard about what you want your structure for before you make any commitments. There are loads of different uses for a summer house, but you need to think about what you will enjoy in the long-term, rather than a passing fad that you’ll forget about, leaving you with a neglected summer house that you don’t want to use in the future. Make sure that you’re building your summer house for a purpose so that you can make the most out of it going forward.

Find A Type Of Structure To Suit You

When you’ve figured out how you’d like to use your summer house, it’s time to find the style that will meet your needs. There are many different types of the summer house, and each one can be used in a different way. The shape of the structure and the material it’s made out of are the key considerations you need to take into account when you’re planning your summer house, so think long and hard about what you want and what best suits your requirements. Consult with the firm you’ll be working with to build the structure, as they may have advice and insight on how to craft the perfect garden property for you.

Size Matters When It Comes To Summer Houses

Figure out how many people you intend to host in your new property, and then work out how much space you’ll need to comfortably fit everyone in and still have the furnishings and décor you want. If you find that you want too much space then consider creating an additional building, or an outhouse, as summer houses are typically small structures. Make sure that you know that a summer house is definitely what you’re looking for before you commit so that you don’t end up creating a structure that you don’t love and cherish. There are many space-saving techniques you can use, and aesthetic designs that’ll make space look larger, so if you simply want it to appear broader then look into incorporating these into your property instead of making it bigger.

Position Your Structure In The Best Possible Place In Your Garden

Where you position your summer house in your garden will have an effect on how warm it is and how much sunlight it gets, so choose carefully when you think about where you’re going to put your new fixture. Think about how far you want it to be from your home, as you don’t want to have to go too far down your garden, but if it’s too close to your home then it will feel more like an extension and less like an escape. The ground stands on is also an important factor in making sure that your new summer house lasts and brings you enjoyment for many years to come. The trees and foliage in your garden will affect your summer house and the position you can put it in, so work out if they can be moved or stripped back to allow you to find the perfect location for your summer house.

Select The Roof You Desire

The roof of your summer house will affect both the structural integrity of the building and the aesthetics of the inside, so it’s vital that you make the right choice. Your roof will be hard to change later, so select the type of roof that appeals to you and suits your purpose. If you want a quiet roof then you might consider a sloping structure, whereas for those that want a striking summer house then a domed roof might be the perfect solution. Both the shape and the material it’s made of the need to be considered, so research the options available before making your final choice.

Add Electricity To Create A Cutting-Edge Cubby

Any summer house isn’t complete without electricity so that you can catch up on your favourite TV shows, play video games or even just relax and listen to some music in your own private oasis. There are many ways to power your summer house, including running cables from your main property to it, using a generator or even installing solar panels. Whatever you choose to use, work with a professional electrician to ensure that your summer house is completely safe.

Install Heating To Keep Your Cabin Cosy

Although they’re called ‘summer houses’, these versatile little spaces can be used year-round if you invest in a heating solution. To help do your bit for the environment, consider using a renewable heat source to keep your summer house warm and snug. Sustainably powered heat pumps can discreetly channel heated water throughout your property. As such, this is an ideal way to incorporate renewable energy into your home, as well as your summer house. Consider using them throughout your property to keep you toasty and warm during the chillier weather.

Put In Running Water To Make A Home-From-Home

Should you decide that you want to be able to use your summer house for a sustained period of time, or if you just want some little luxuries like a hot tub or a shower to cool off in, then you’ll need to install running water. This will save you time going back and forth to your home every time you want to get some water or have a refreshing shower. Adding running water to your summer house will make it truly luxurious and show your guests that you’ve invested time and money into crafting a space that everyone will love.

Think About Furnishings And Design

The structure of your summer house is important, but in order to craft a truly luxurious space, you need to focus on the interior design. How you furnish your space will depend on how and when you want to use your summer house. In winter you’ll want a cosy space filled with warm rugs and comfortably blankets, whilst in the summer you’ll want a ventilated, airy room to chill out in. Whatever your preference, make sure that you explore all the décor designs on offer and opt for a timeless look that will give your summer house a chic feel in all weathers.

Windows Will Bring In Light But Let Out Some Heat

Another key feature you need to think about is how many windows you want your new summer house to have. If you include too many then it may feel chilly and sterile, but not enough and it will be dark and gloomy. Use a 3D configurator solution to work out how your summer house will look and play around with different designs and window numbers so you can work out exactly what you want before you place an order and start building.

Make Sure Your Plans Are Compliant With Building Regulations

When you’ve finally figured out exactly what you want from your summer house, you need to check that your plans are compliant with any relevant building regulations. Check with your local council if your building will be small enough to be exempt from requiring planning permission, or if it is too large and needs to be submitted to the relevant authorities. When you know what you need to do you can start the exciting process of creating and enjoying your perfect summer house.

Summer houses can be a great addition to your property if done properly, so take the time to select the options that are right for you before you craft your ideal space. For those who are committed to creating a beautiful summer house, follow these tips to ensure you end up with a space that really makes a difference to your property and your life.

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