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June 26, 2019

Don Papa Rum – a premium aged, single-island rum from the Philippines

Don Papa Rum, the first premium small batch rum from the Philippines, offers a versatile range of smooth and rich-textured rums with characteristically abundant sweet and fruity flavours.

Matured in seasoned, toasted and lightly charred Bourbon oak barrels that produce a deep and rounded flavour profile, the Don Papa portfolio includes three delicious and distinctive liquids to suit a variety of occasions and serves. The delicate finish of the vanilla honey notes in the original Don Papa add a unique twist to cocktails, while the more intense, darker Don Papa 10 and Don Papa Rare Cask deliver a smooth but powerful sipping experience.

The Philippines harbours an extraordinary rum heritage thanks to its unique climate, which yields some of the world’s finest and sweetest sugar cane. The nation’s best kept rum secrets lie within the Island of Negros, where Don Papa is produced. The lush island, known locally as Sugarlandia, is home to an active volcano, Mt. Kanlaon. It is this rich volcanic soil in the volcano’s fertile foothills that provides the ideal conditions for growing the sweet Filipino Noble Cane that gives Don Papa its distinctive flavour. This Noble Cane is harvested by hand and transported to the island’s well-worn sugar mills that have generations of expertise, before being ground to create the sweet, rich molasses that are distilled and blended to perfection within every bottle of Don Papa.

Matthias Cadeac d’arbaud, Global Brand Ambassador at Don Papa, says:

“Rum drinking is on the rise in the UK and people are realising that there is a whole world of rum for them to explore. The taste and provenance of Don Papa offers something completely unique to both rum amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Great rum starts with great sugar and Don Papa harnesses the spirit of Sugarlandia, an exotic, mystical land of alchemy and home to some of the world’s sweetest sugarcane. The result is a rich and smooth liquid full of depth and flavour and with a distinctively fruity finish. Replace the spirit in your favourite cocktail with Don Papa to put a delicious Filipino twist on a classic or enjoy it on the rocks for a more intense and purer hit of flavour and sweetness.”


Don Papa Rum – £32.00 – ABV 40%

The original Don Papa rum has a smooth and delicate finish that is light and fruity on the nose and features flavours of vanilla, honey and candied fruits. This beautifully versatile rum is aged for seven years and is perfect for mixing in a range of cocktails. Pair with hopped grapefruit bitters, orange bitters, and a drop of Maraschino liquor for a Filipino twist on the classic Old Fashioned.


Don Papa Rare Cask – £80.00 – ABV 50.50%

Only 6,000 bottles of the Don Papa Rare Cask are released globally each year. The cellar master decided to bottle this limited edition, premium rum at higher than normal strength of 50.54% ABV to enhance its distinctive taste. The bottle is presented in a sophisticated dark wood cannister, intricately designed with illustrations inspired by the Don Papa’s magical home of Sugarlandia.

Smooth and fruity in the mouth, with a long and fresh finish, Don Papa Rare Cask offers rich flavours of oak, cocoa and fruitcake with a surprising hint of fresh mint. Matured for four years in American oak casks followed by two years in high toast casks originally used to age wine in Spain, the rum is unfiltered, unblended and bottled straight from the cask to ensure that every drop of the liquid retains its distinct character and flavour.

Signature Serves

Darker Don

Designed to accentuate Don Papa’s fruity flavour and smooth finish, the Darker Don combines Don Papa Rum with zesty notes of lime, spicy ginger beer and aromatic Angostura Bitters. Serve this invigorating cocktail over ice in an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with mint leaves.


20 ml Don Papa Rum, 5 ml Lime Juice, 50 ml Ginger Beer, 1 Dash Angostura Bitters, Ice, Serve over ice in an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with mint leaves.

Papa Negroni

A refreshing Filipino take on the popular Italian Negroni, with a delicate balance of bitter, sweet, dry and botanical notes. This easy to make serve is intended to be sipped slowly over ice and garnished with a sprig of rosemary and slice of blood orange.


30ml Don Papa Rum, 10 ml White Vermouth, 20 ml Aperol, Ice, Stir over ice into a High Ball glass and garnish with a sprig of rosemary and slice of blood orange.

Don Fashioned

Give the classic Old Fashioned a delicious fruity Filipino twist by replacing Bourbon with Don Papa Rum. Top with a Maraschino cherry and zesty peel of orange.


50ml Don Papa Rum, Teaspoon liquid brown sugar, 1 drop Maraschino, 2 drops hopped grapefruit bitters, 1 drop orange bitters, 2 slices of orange rind, Ice, Stir over ice into an Old Fashioned glass and garnish with a Maraschino cherry and zesty peel of orange.

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