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September 11, 2019

Drunch Regents Park vs Mayfair

Alcohol or Shisha, that is the question?  But that aside, from the cuisine at Drunch in both locations with the same menu is both is simple, healthy and delicious. Drunch offers all-day brunch and more, we had the pleasure of visiting both, Regents Park, actually St Johns Wood has a gorgeous outdoor space, insta-worthy with its abundance of pretty flora draped from the huge protective sunshades, that also provide heat on cooler days. This was a very busy and welcoming dining experience, we had been for a dog walk first to build our appetite and it worked, we were famished! We were seated at a lovely table at the edge of the al fresco dining area, with comfortable seating and a great view of our fellow diners. There was a hen party of ten ladies, a group of post-workout men and several couples, enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning treat.

We arrived quite late, at 3 pm, but as brunch was available all day it didn’t really matter. We checked out the menu while enjoying our alcoholic champagne cocktails.  My husband decided to try the burger, which came with steaming hot fries and was presented in a brioche bun with salad and cheese. The burger was soft and juicy and full of meaty flavour. I had the seared salmon with asparagus tips, served with mustard mayonnaise and fries. The salmon was delicious and the asparagus sweet, firm and fresh, perfect with the fish.

Drunch Mayfair is equally as welcoming, and again we had our dog with us following a walk in Hyde Park. It’s situated ideally off of Oxford Street, perfectly located to combine a little retail therapy. We sat outside, not quite as pretty as the Regent Street restaurant and doesn’t serve alcohol. The draw here is the fabulous all-day brunch of course and the shisha, we had a gorgeous meal here, our fellow diners were enjoying not only the food but the shisha too, this restaurant attracts a different set, those that enjoy the aromatic shisha pipes. We sat next to some extremely interesting people, young and glamorous.

We decided to try the Superfood Salad, with broccoli, edamame beans, quinoa, pomegranate, avocado, seeds and the Chicken Salad with Romaine lettuce, croutons and mustard dressing. The produce was very fresh and we felt the salads were made to order and we enjoyed them both immensely. We chose a couple of mocktails to go with our food and finished with lemon and sugar crêpes and coffee.

Drunch is a superb dining experience in both locations, it’s healthy, satisfying and delicious.


A: 1 Woodstock St, Mayfair, London W1C 2AA
T: 020 7722 5081
W: Drunch Mayfair

Regents Park:

A: 38 St John’s Wood Terrace, St John’s Wood, London NW8 6LS
T:  020 7722 5081
W: Drunch Regents Park

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