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November 13, 2022

DukesHill provides the perfect produce for the festive season

Make Christmas 2022 a year to remember with a luxurious festive feast from the Home of Artisan Fine Foods – DukesHill. Founded nearly forty years ago, their obsession was to bring the very best hams to the nation’s tables – cured the “old-fashioned” way, with a true focus on flavour and texture. The company was awarded the ultimate accolade – a Royal Warrant for manufacturing hams for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Today, DukesHill now produces and supplies a wonderful array of top-quality roasts, cured and fresh meats, smoked fish, artisan cheeses, puddings, hampers and much more – through maintaining its traditional approach to crafting fine foods and working in partnership with British farmers and artisan producers.

Renowned for its uncompromising attitude towards provenance, quality, and taste – DukesHill’s delectable Christmas collection has everything you need to fill your family and friends with delight this season.


Luxury Christmas Ham – £77 for a 2kg ham / £125 for a 5kg ham

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without one of DukesHill’s finest hams. Founded in 1985, DukesHill began with one aim: to make the finest traditionally cured hams with the highest regard for animal welfare and an uncompromising commitment to quality and taste.

Piglets are weaned on RSPCA Assured farms with plenty of space to exercise and access to feed and water to thrive naturally and healthily.

This limited-edition ham has been created exclusively for Christmas. DukesHill’s on-site master butchers prepare the finest British pork legs to exacting DukesHill standards, removing the bone before curing using the traditional Wiltshire Cure.

The hams spend almost a week immersed in DukesHill’s own-recipe brine, to which they add a touch of unrefined brown sugar to give a subtle sweetness. They are then air dried for a further week to mature and remove excess moisture. The lengthy curing process is what makes for the most exceptional taste and exquisite, moist texture. The final steps are to generously stuff each of them by hand with sage & onion stuffing and steam cook for 12 hours, allowing the fat to render and soften, providing a glorious buttery textured finish.

The hams are all painstakingly inspected, hand-skinned and trimmed. A diamond cut pattern is delicately hand-carved across the top of the ham before being coated in a mixed honey & wholegrain mustard glaze.

Turkey – Exclusive Free Range Bronze Turkey – £106 for 5kg (Various sizes available)

DukesHill’s Free Range Bronze Turkeys are reared exclusively by award-winning 4th generation turkey farmer, Rosie Wadlow.
Rosie’s Great Grandmother started rearing turkeys on her family’s Shropshire farm during the Second World War.
Imbued with the same passion, her daughter Dora (Rosie’s Grandmother) was aged just seventeen when she went on a fact-finding trip to Canada and spent all her savings on bronze turkey eggs which she brought back home, becoming the first person to rear Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys in the UK.

Rosie now runs the farm where the turkeys are free to roam in old grass pastures with playgrounds and dust bathing areas. They are fed daily with hand-cut quinoa and millet crops, which also encourages the songbirds and bees around the farm.

Dry plucked and game-hung, their taste is outstanding as you’d expect from a family with so much love and labour invested in producing the very best centrepiece for your Christmas table this year.

DukesHill Christmas Pudding – Family Christmas Pudding 454g, £14.50

This exquisitely rich, moist pudding is made by hand by the whole team at DukesHill as part of an annual tradition, using a closely guarded family recipe and bursting with succulent fruits.

Using the freshest free-range eggs, plump juicy vine fruits and cherries – the pudding is generously steeped in the finest French Brandy and uses butter instead of suet, to give a much cleaner finish on the palate. A truly exquisite end to your Christmas feast.

Mince Pies – Classic, Luxury Almond Topped and St Clements

The much-loved selection of mince pies is hand-made exclusively for DukesHill by their favourite British artisan bakery with over 100 years of baking expertise.

Classic Mince Pies – £12.50 for six

The critically acclaimed Classic Mince pies are big, bold, and delicious. The shortcrust pastry is wrapped around a big dollop of fruity mincemeat, providing everything you want in a mince pie and more.

St Clements Mince Pies – £13.50 for six

Introduced following customer requests – these St.Clement’s Mince Pies are full of brandy-soaked mincemeat with extra orange & lemon peel to cut though the richness and provide the perfect balanced festive flavour.

Almond Topped Luxury Mince Pies – £13.50 for six

The almond-topped mince pies provide everything you would want in a traditional mince pie, with the added delight of a lovely addictively crunchy, nutty topping.

The full DukesHill Christmas range will be available now here

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