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October 3, 2019

Enjoy a CLC World Free Holiday

By simply attending a 90-minute presentation, you can enjoy a CLC World free holiday at one of their luxury resorts in Spain, Orlando or the Aegean coast.

Imagine spending a blissful week in luxurious accommodation, taking in all the sights and activities of your sun-drenched surroundings. Then imagine … it’s free!

If it sounds too good to be true – it really isn’t! They are offering you and up to five companions a no commitment, CLC World free holiday at one of their stylish resorts in Tenerife, the Aegean Coast, Orlando, Florida or the Costa del Sol.

Your free CLC World holiday includes seven nights’ luxury accommodation and one full breakfast for the whole party, as well as all the leisure activities that make up the idyllic CLC experience.

How Is a CLC World free holiday possible?

To qualify, it takes just three easy steps:

Book your introduction to CLC World at one of our Travel Centres in London’s West End, the Cotswolds, Milton Keynes or Manchester.

Join them for your 90-minute Travel Centre experience and hear about the benefits of CLC World, with no obligation to sign up.

Enjoy your FREE no-obligation week of accommodation for up to 6 people at a CLC World resort, whether you sign up or not

It really is that easy! One of their representatives might have already called to say you have won a CLC holiday, but if not, just book an appointment yourself.

Attending the UK Presentation

In a relaxed and friendly environment, a member of their team will guide you through a multimedia presentation describing the CLC experience and explain all the benefits of becoming a member of CLC World. They will answer any questions you may have and show you how incredible your future holidays could be.

Who Are CLC World?

Club la Costa is one of Europe’s leading independent resort developers. The company is proud to have thousands of CLC World members who, inspired by their  holiday and property ownership products, have enjoyed staying at their resorts and hotels in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Tenerife, on Turkey’s Aegean Coast, in Orlando, Florida, in the UK’s Cornwall and Scotland, and in Austria.

Another Thank You Gift

CLC World appreciates that your time is precious, so they’d like to thank you for seeing them. Yes, that’s right, not only will you have won a CLC holiday, the company will also give you a voucher to spend at participating retailers or restaurants, or at the theatre.

The Holiday Presentation

After the presentation, just relax and enjoy your free CLC World holiday – regardless of whether you become a member or not. There is no catch!

During your CLC World free holiday, you will be invited to attend a further presentation, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of the CLC experience, and all the benefits of becoming a CLC World member, with access to over twenty stylish resorts.

Are You Tempted?

On your part, to qualify for a free CLC World holiday, you need to live and holiday with your partner or spouse, to be aged between 30 – 70 years and to have a combined gross annual income of £45,000 or above.

That’s all they require! To book an appointment at the CLC World Travel Centre nearest to you, call 0800 009 6088. Lines are open Monday – Friday 10 am – 8 pm and Saturday 10 am – 3 pm.

Real Life CLC Experiences

If you’re still undecided, just take a look at these CLC World reviews:

“Just returned from our free week. We got it after attending their Manchester Travel Centre … Stayed in Tenerife … Really nice apartment with everything you want on hols … Checked out the resort on TripAdvisor before I left so I had good expectations, but the staff went far and above those. Recommend despite feeling like this was too good to be true-  back in June :)” Andy D.

“It is a brilliant week that you can enjoy with the family in luxury accommodation in a sunny place that you will never forget. so why not going on this promotional holiday. It is a 5-star experience for our family at a fraction of the cost.” Roshiw, on Trip Advisor.

“With CLC, there IS such a thing as a free holiday. And you may just want to book another with them.” Rosie Nixon, Editor-in-Chief, Hello!

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