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October 14, 2019

Genoa Boat Show 2019 – ‘La Citta Della Nautica’

I was so honoured and delighted to be attending Genoa Boat Show 2019 that took place in Genoa Italy, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cities in the world. The whole experience took three days and could be described as a once in a lifetime experience for my friend and I. We were hosted in Hotel Melia which is located in the most elegant residential area of Genoa. The architecture of the hotel was overwhelmingly beautiful and staff were very friendly.

Following our hotel check-in we enjoyed some welcome drinks in the lobby and had the chance to meet with the President of the Melia Hotel to get to know the hotel better. After a spectacular presentation, we headed to a panel talk of Norberto Ferretti who is the Co-Founder of the Ferretti Group. The Ferretti Group is an Italian shipbuilding company which designs luxury yachts with passion and innovation.

The panel was under the name of ‘Incontri in Blu’ and included Ferretti’s career story and how his empire has evolved over the years. The first night of the Genoa Boat Show Experience came to end with the most delicious dinner with the most impressive food. The following morning after breakfast in the hotel we headed to Salone Nautico Internazionale which is known as the capital of yachting. There were hundreds of beautiful yachts and thousands of visitors from all around the world eager to view all of the different yacht brand and new designs.

Even though it was really crowded and the demand for the boat show was high, the stands and the area was well organised and the entire event ran like clockwork. The atmosphere was so inspiring, you could see people talking about yachts passionately and it was impossible to ignore the happy ‘event-goers’. The weather luckily was perfect which made the whole experience even more spectacular.

We were able to meet many different yacht companies and experience the yacht life. The interior designs and every single detail included int these fabulous yachts left us speechless. One of my favourite designers of the boat tour was RIVA Yacht Company. This company is extremely successful and passionate about E-RUNABOUT system which is a revolutionary design that features an electric engine system for motorboats. The first prototype of this design is called Ernesto and it has been designed for a new course navigational innovation. In other words, this system is suitable to provide environmental sustainability at its core. The reason we were so impressed by RIVA Yacht Company is simply the authentic design and environmentally friendly working system of these luxury boats and yachts. In this day and age of climate change to have a more energy-efficient engine is a most valuable option, combining luxury and the environmentally-friendly yacht is definitely the choice of the very near future.

One of the other brands that received a lot of attention was Sanlorenzo. Sanlorenzo yacht company have been crafting tailor-made motor yachts for more than 60 years and are passionate about producing quality and luxurious yachts for the clients for the ultimate yachting experience. The Sanlorenzo yachts can cater to up to 10 berths and 6 crew members, ensuring plenty of space and comfortable sailing while providing privacy when required.

One of my favourite yachts was the SD126 which had an overall length of 37,95 M. The interior design of the Sanlorenzo yachts was created to provide a luxurious yet minimalist vibe. Everything was designed and created by experienced and well-respected designers and customers are able to customise their yachts with many different designing options, allowing them to add the personal touches that will give that warmth and a feeling of being at home.

Certainly, it seemed that the larger yachts, such as the Nautor Swan, are able to be customised, but of course the more changes and additions made, the more bespoke the yacht, then more expensive but luxurious it becomes. The interior, the deck and the fittings can all be adapted to the individual’s taste. In other words, the customer can create their dream yacht and still have the best quality engines to experience the yachting life at its best.  It would be impossible to say no to all of these features and chance of customising your own dream yacht while companies, like Nautor’s Swan, will be there with you to make your dream become a reality.

Appointments are available to visit these beautiful yet luxurious yacht brands during the boat show which helps customers to gain an overview of all of the yachts before actually investing in them.

After a sunny and beautiful day that was spent viewing stunning multi-million dollar yachts, the next stop was the Ocean Race Tour. We had a presentation that explained the Ocean Race Tour. Those who wish to participate in the Ocean Race Tour spend the whole year getting ready for the big day and practice regardless of the weather conditions, come rain or shine, they practise!

I was so excited and a bit nervous to experience such a once in a lifetime experience yet the crew were so lovely and so helpful during the Ocean Race Tour. They were there helping us through every single step and even gave us the chance to cruise the yacht. After watching the beautiful sunset in the stunning sea of Genoa, we were back to the hotel to get ready for the big night. Gala Dinner of Genoa Boat Show 2019.

The Gala Dinner took place at the Blu Padiglion Terrace in Salone Nautico. There were various speeches during the evening which were interesting and informative. The meal was spectacular, we enjoyed the very best of Italian cuisine. The area was decorated with blue and purple lights, the atmosphere was buzzy, minimalist and glamorous. There were different bars and food options during the evening which only added to the stunning view and well-organised gala.

The last day came round all too soon, the three days just flew by. There was another once in a lifetime surprise waiting for us in the morning. After checking out and devouring another superb breakfast in the hotel we went to Salone Nautico for a helicopter ride. It took a maximum of 20 minutes, the trip gave us the opportunity to see the stunning Portofino and the whole of Genoa. The city was below us and we had a great guided tour in the air by the pilot, showing us specific places of interest and their authenticities.

Overall, I would strongly suggest to book your tickets for the Boat Show 2020 and experience it yourself. I truly enjoyed every single minute.

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