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April 24, 2020

Growing Old Gracefully: How To Look And Feel Good As You Age

Getting older can be a challenge in today’s youth-obsessed, fashionable society, but it’s easier than you might think to look stylish and sophisticated even in your advancing years.

With older women now dominating everywhere from boardrooms to catwalks, it’s clear that style is ageless, but it takes commitment and insight to pull off.

To learn more about how you can style yourself as you grow older, here are some practical tips that will suit any woman.

Learn To Love Layers

As you grow older, your body shape will change, and this could leave traditional clothes looking lumpy and un-shapely on your figure. To combat this, embrace wearing multiple layers and using wraps or shawls to disguise any parts of your body that you’re not comfortable with.

Invest In Wardrobe Staples

Some clothes, like a classic trench coat, a pair of soft leather boots or a fitted blouse, will never go out of style. Invest in wardrobe staples from the brands you love to ensure that you’ve always got a quick, chic outfit you can throw on to look good and feel even better.

Use Aesthetic Medicine Wisely

Botox, fillers, facelifts and other aesthetic procedures can be used to enhance your features and make you look younger, but they need to be done well and tailored to your face in order to be truly effective. Work with Clinetix, Scotland’s multi-award-winning aesthetic medical clinic, to create a programme of treatments that will enhance your natural beauty.

Craft A Skincare Regime That Works

There are many different skincare products on the market that claim to work wonders for ageing skin, but it’s important that you research the ingredients that will work best for you. Ignore the false promises and flowery advertising language on the packets, and instead focus on finding products with the ingredients and formulas that work best for your skin.

Take Your Accessories To The Next Level

Often, it can be hard to style bright, bold patterns and intense garments as you grow older, partially because of a lack of confidence. If you’re struggling to make your outfits stand out, then try pairing them with creative statement accessories. Whether it’s gorgeous earrings or a unique bag, you can add a flash of flair to your look quickly and easily with statement accessories.

Embrace Short Hair

In your advancing years, issues such as thinning hair, combined with the excessive maintenance required to keep long hair looking great, mean that a short cut is usually the best option. That being said, you don’t have to stick to classic styles. There are many different short haircuts that flatter older women, so you can look sleek and stylish.

Stay True To You

The most important factors to think of when styling yourself is your own confidence and comfort. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable, then it doesn’t matter how in vogue you look- you’ll still be unhappy, and that will show. Make sure that you feel as good as you look, so the world always sees your best side!

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