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May 1, 2019

Holiday Homes: France vs Spain?

Investing in a stylish holiday home overseas that oozes luxury can be tempting and, depending on where you choose to buy, the thought of jetting off to sunnier climates and alfresco dining with a glass of wine in hand may be persuasion enough!

When you’re ready to turn the dream in to a reality, the location of your overseas property should be an important consideration; from the time it takes you to travel there, to the climate, landscape, cuisine and activities that you’ll be able to enjoy locally.

The TV programme and website, A Place in The Sun, has unveiled the top 10 places for Brits to buy a home abroad, with nine out of ten destinations falling across Europe, Spain took the top spot, followed by France in second place. So, if you’re intrigued as to the popularity of the neighbouring countries, here’s what you can expect to enjoy:


Spain is bursting with ample unspoilt natural landscapes and beautiful beaches, many of which are relatively untouched. Whether you like to immerse yourself in lush forests, lakes, volcanos and mountains, or prefer to relax along the coast with the sea breeze stunning scenery, there’s sure to be a property spot to suit your tastes, and plenty to explore further afield.

Desired destinations:

The British are known for their love affair with the sizzling destinations of Marbella, Porto Banus and Estepona. Drawn to the Sothern Spain hotspots for the Costa del Sol weather, lavish shops and glitzy port-side drinking and dining establishments, these destinations are ideal for returning year-on-year, for a well-rounded luxury escape (or two)!

If you’re after a more varied and cultured destination to settle for your holidays, the small sun-soaked capital of southern Spain, Seville could be your go-to. With plenty of history to explore, the charming city of Seville is famous for its Gothic and Renaissance architecture, fabulous food and flamenco rhythms. From chic villas to modest apartments, the city can cater to your tastes and budgets.


The robust outlook for the French real estate market, and the great quality of life on offer aren’t the only reasons British Citizens are looking to France for a home away from home.  France is a beautiful and varied country, that offers something to suit everyone’s taste, from spectacular countryside for nature enthusiasts, to stunning beaches for sun-worshipers and seas and mountains for adrenaline junkies. The exhilarating mixture of natural beauty, culture, sophistication and style is hard to find elsewhere. And of course, wine connoisseurs can enjoy some of the world’s finest wines. Some would say that you’re not investing in a property when buying in France, but a lifestyle!

Desired destinations:

Brittany, France’s northwesternmost region, is a popular destination for the British due to ease of access, especially by boat; the ports of Roscoff and St Malo are very close by. Its lengthy coastline is also known as the Pink Granite Coast and is famed for its beautiful blush-hued sand and rocks. Chic beach resorts can be found dotted up and down.

For those seeking a glamorous, sun-soaked spot, look to the south. The French Rivera’s beautiful coastline borders the warm waters of the Mediterranean and is known for its magnificent beaches, clear blue waters, impressive yachts, Michelin-starred dining destinations and champagne bars. Monaco is a year-round playground and exuberant location, Provence is one of the most beautiful regions of France and is home a diverse landscape of rolling vineyards and olive groves and Saint-Tropez is renowned for its port, beaches and nightlife.

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