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March 30, 2020

Hot Stone is 1 of 6 restaurants in the UK to serve certified Kobe beef

An ancient method, known as ishiyaki, is a popular way of cooking and eating in Japan and they bring the namesake ‘Hot Stone’ to the table, with an immersive dining experience. The opportunity to cook your own hot stone, for a truly authentic Japanese dining experience. Each guest is given a very hot piece of lava stone that is heated up to 400° Celsius they then use to cook a range of wagyu cuts including Halal and seafood options exactly to their liking.

Hot Stone is also one of the very few restaurants to serve 100% fresh Japanese wasabi that is freshly grated on the table with award-winning sushi. Hot Stone was awarded “Best sushi in London” by Eaten.

The décor is inspired by traditional Japanese design complemented by a few fancy contemporary flourishes. With over eighteen years’ experience in Japanese cuisine, having worked in the kitchens of Nobu, Zuma and Sake no Hana, his knowledge and experience bring the magic of Hot Stone to life.

The flavours of authentic Japanese cuisine on the menu transport you to Japan. The grilled black cod, marinated for 48 hours in a homemade saikyo miso sauce and head chef special omakase, using a combination of premium ingredients such as foie gras, truffle and caviar, are just a taster of the Hot Stone specials.

Details of dishes served


Oysters with seaweed, homemade Tosazu sauce and caviar Edamame with sea salt.
Edamame with sea salt.

1st course

Scallop tataki- with homemade truffle ponzu and plum sauce.
Yellowtail carpaccio with jalapeno and homemade truffle ponzu sauce..
Three different kinds of new style sashimi set – seared A5 Japanese wagyu with truffle ponzu sauce, seared seabass sashimi with yuzu miso sauce & butterfish sashimi with truffle onion ponzu salsa.

2nd course

Seared fatty tuna with caviar- king prawn tempura based with fatty tuna topped with truffle & caviar.
Chuka wakame roll- Chuka wakame tempura roll with crème cheese and yuzu crisp.

3rd course

Omakase- paired with premium ingredients such as truffle, caviar, foie gras etc with complimenting homemade sauces, special by Executive Head Chef Padam.
A5 Japanese wagyu Hot Stone – 400° Celsius heated hot-stone with black tiger king prawns, scallops, asparagus and king mushrooms with horenseo gomae (spinach with sesame dressing) and Tsukemono (homemade pickles).

4th course

Homemade cheesecake and coconut and sesame mochi ice-cream.

W: Hot Stone London
A: 9 Chapel Market, The Angel, London, N1 9EZ
E: Bookings
T: 020 3302 8226

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