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July 24, 2019

How Gaming and AR Have Helped Gucci’s App Become a Must-Have

When it comes to the biggest luxury brands in the world, few can match the sheer class, style and power of Gucci.

Originally founded back in 1921, the name and its iconic logo have been a symbol of incredible quality in the fashion world for decades. But, while it boasts a rich and unique heritage, it is fair to say that the brand has not been afraid to move with the times.

This is perhaps exemplified by the Gucci app, which is available for iOS and Android. A number of other luxury brands have launched similar services, but Gucci’s has always been particularly eye-catching due to it featuring the inspirations behind the house’s collections. However, two very recent developments have arguably now made the app perhaps more essential than ever before.

Going retro

Retro gaming has become a major trend in recent times, with gamers jumping at the chance to buy new versions of old-school consoles and embracing refreshing takes on classic titles. Famous names like Tetris and Mario have been rebooted and resurrected over and over again, while even bingo continues to thrive in the 21st century thanks to the likes of Robin Hood Bingo now offering the game alongside other titles on their mobile app.

Against this backdrop, Gucci has chosen to embrace the trend and add some 8-bit style arcade games to its app. The games include a Pac-Man-like maze game and a ping pong-inspired title, with the look of them becoming increasingly sophisticated as you play on.

According to GQ, Gucci has apparently added them in celebration of its 80s-style Bee and Ace sneakers and with old-school gaming being so popular it is undoubtedly a sensible move for the brand to take. It may also prove useful as it continues to work to engage younger generations and attract them to its work.

Augmented reality

The other interesting recent development in the Gucci app is the launch of a new augmented reality (AR) feature which allows you to virtually try on a pair of the company’s sneakers.

#Gucci is jumping into #AR feetfirst with a new app that lets you try on shoes from their signature Ace lineup by superimposing AR models of the expensive kicks over your feet

Gucci Jumps Feetfirst Into AR With Augmented Shoe Shopping Experience –  VR Scout

— Rob Crasco #SpatialComputing #VR #AR #AI (@RoblemVR) 4 July 2019

Esquire outlines how app users simply have to press the Ace Sneakers button and point the phone at their feet for a pair of the stylish shoes to then magically appear on them. The idea is that you can see just what your feet would look like in the shoes without actually having physical access to a pair, while you could also check whether they may be the right option for a range of clothes before buying.

Brands including Gap have previously experimented with AR and the possibility of virtually trying on clothes, but it is intriguing to see Gucci look into the area. Could it be how we all consider footwear and garments in the future?

Looking to the future

Gucci may soon be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its launch, but it is fair to say that the brand currently has its sights firmly set on the future. Its app was already must-have item but now these new features mean it is arguably more exciting than ever before.

We simply cannot wait to see what else the brand has up its sleeve in the coming months and years.

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