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January 18, 2020

How Technology is Transforming Almost Every Major Industry

Technology has completely transformed various industries in the past decade. Today, most businesses now rely on technology to increase productivity and improve customer service. Technological advances now allow people to play scratch games on mobile. Here is a list of all the major industries that are being transformed by technology.


Technology has completely disrupted the entertainment industry in recent years. The pace of change has been so rapid that the entertainment sector now looks totally different from even 20 years ago. Today, most people stream music via online subscription services and listen to them via wireless speakers. Rather than going to a cinema hall or investing in a DVD, you now have the option to watch any film you want directly on your smartphone. Also, other forms of entertainment such as gambling have changed drastically in recent years. Many land-based are being replaced by online casinos and internet betting sites.


Change is crucial in the engineering sector in order to keep up with the demands of the modern world. Engineering has evolved to focus on data-driven techniques to store information and manage operations to make them more efficient. A variety of sensors are used to collect data on automobiles and aircraft. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the basics of how the equipment operates and customers are demanding more customized interfaces.

Digitization has changed various aspects of engineering in recent years. It alters the culture by providing more real-time data on the performance of equipment and machinery. This allows engineers to make the necessary changes and consider improvements that can be achieved in months instead of years or decades.


Evolution in automation and robotics are changing every phase of the manufacturing process. Various industries have adopted robots and other technologies to work in conjunction with human engineers and operators, freeing them up for more important tasks and thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Recent advancements in 3D printing technology have reduced the time required for developing prototypes and the overall costs associated with the process. With 3D printing, a prototype that required almost two weeks to develop is now produced in just three to four hours.


As the food is one of the basic needs of humans, the food industry is one of the major industries that technology can modernize. It may sound surprising a little bit surprising, but the food industry is also being transformed by technology. Robots are now being used by various companies to ensure that the food quality is as per the standards. They have reduced some rampant safety issues and also increased productivity to a great extent.

The food industry has started using drones that track the weather and soil conditions in order to ensure that the crops are grown to their optimum. This helps in analyzing the crop yield for the year and managers can check for diseases and contamination that could cause a problem when the food products are made available in the market.


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