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May 1, 2019

How to Choose the Luxury Sport for You

All sports have been created – but not all sports have been created equal. When it comes to living a luxurious lifestyle, choosing how you spend your free time and how you get your exercise is another way to live lavishly and exude exuberance. Just ask any footballer as to how luxurious their lifestyle is to find out that every sport has its taste of luxury, but some sports are ingrained with indulgence. From equine sports to boat sports, how can you test out these luxurious past times without having to make a huge commitment to them?

Equine Sports

Sports that involve horses are often associated with luxury – especially given how much dedication and care horses need. Ralph Lauren helped make famous the horseback sport of polo, which was first played in Central Asia as a way of training cavalry, the game has evolved to be known as ‘the game of kings’. You can skip the jodhpurs and download the interactive polo game for Wii to experience polo before you hop up on a horse.

Horse racing is also a game associated with luxury – especially given the extravagance of most horse race meets around the world, which provide an opportunity to embrace your most lavish lifestyle. As Paddy Power shows us, Ruby Walsh, one of the most famous jockeys, frequently in the top four of the Grand National, lends his name and likeness to a series of games that allow you to feel the pleasure of winning a horse racing tournament yourself. Meanwhile, spectating other horse-based sports such as dressage can give you a taste of luxury as the sport revolves around essentially making a horse perform in all its finery.

A Splash of Luxury with Boat Sports

If the open water is more appealing than the rush of wind atop a horse, sports that involve boats may be more your speed. Yachting is a popular past time and one that helps showcase your extravagance and exuberance. The Clipper Race Around the World race, Clipper Round the World is a £45,000 commitment that involves an 11-month circumnavigation of the globe.

If that seems too much of a commitment, there are plenty of ways to be a spectator at a more accessible yacht race, such as America’s Cup, Americas Cup.

Rowing is another boating hobby that is considered fairly luxurious, especially through the participation of Oxford and Cambridge students. Indeed, rowing takes a lot of fortitude, especially during the cold months, so might not be the perfect sport for everyone.

If you want to truly experience the power of the open water, then you’ll probably prefer to partake in hydroplane racing. This involves climbing aboard a motorboat that is buoyant based on planing forces with a pointed nose, which makes it faster to skim across the water.

Choosing a sport that matches a luxurious lifestyle can be a large commitment, especially given the extent to which you are expected to get involved. Finding ways to experience this without having to commit gives you the best of both worlds and enables you to decide which luxurious hobby you are going to take up.

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