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November 15, 2019

How to Find the Right Luxury Interior Designer

Commissioning the right luxury interior designer is the best way to achieve the elusive luxury home of your dreams. The interior design environment is ever-changing; seasonal trends come and go, and it can get increasingly difficult to decide between the different choices. Having a qualified high-end interior designer on hand can help alleviate the stress and confusion of the process.

The right luxury interior designer will create a bespoke experience, and ensure that your specifications, personality and on-trend components are combined and represented in the overall outcome. When it comes to luxury interior design, the investment in the luxury elements can be a very expensive investment. Thus, choosing a specialist in the area will ensure that the outcome of the design is of the highest quality and the money is well spent.

We have outlined below, some questions to consider when trying to find the right luxury interior designer.

Have you done your research?

Each designer has a different style, with the nature of luxury interior design, you can either go down the route of traditional and decadent, or something more minimalistic and contemporary. The best approach would be to talk to two or three designers and examine their portfolios, talk about their styles and then decide which one is the best fit for you. You might find that one designer stands out from the rest and their previous work is more in line with your specifications.

Researching the designers’ previous projects, qualifications and style type will help you better prepare for the initial first meeting. Asking for client references and reading reviews can also be an effective way to decide which designer you would like to work with.

Are your personalities compatible?

Chances are you will be working with your luxury interior design for a long period of time (depending on the type of renovation). If you don’t get along, this can make the whole experience miserable for both parties, as well as, the design not being the best it can be, as part of interior design is being able to represent the homeowners’ personality in that space.

If they cannot understand or relate to you, they will not be able to interpret what you want in the choices they make for their selection of luxury furniture, decorative pieces, and furnishes to put in that space. An incompatible designer can result in a design that does not reflect you and your home, and can significantly take away from the luxurious ambience of the house.

How collaborative is the designer?

Depending on how involved you want to be in the design process, it is always a good idea to ensure that your designer is open to your suggestions and feedback. Ultimately, at the end of the project, it will be your living space, so you and your designer must be capable of collaborating on ideas.

A good interior designer will take into consideration your ideas, and communicate alternative suggestions or compromises if they do not feel it will not work – they are the experts after all. Still, if there is a piece of furniture or artwork you are keen to incorporate or have in your house, then a good designer will be able to work around that and adjust to your needs.

Should you get a standard interior designer?

Although opting for a standard interior designer is a more affordable option, one that specialises in luxury interior design would be more beneficial. Most of the time, luxury is associated with lavishness, class and the concept of excess. Luxury interior designers can perfectly balance these aspects without making it too over the top. Luxury interior designers will have their contacts based on their past projects and experiences and will find it easier to curate exquisitely crafted furniture, and access fine fabrics and furnishings.

In most cases, when it comes to high-end interior design, the budget for the restyling is usually more open. Communicate clearly with the designer and set your expectations from the start, this, in turn, will allow them to source the highest-quality interior elements for your home.

So in a nutshell, how do you find the right interior designer? Research professionals in their field, explore several options, establish a sense of trust, and communicate expectations.

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