Street XO – Imaginative, Inventive, INCREDIBLE Dining!

July 27, 2018

Eating out will never be the same again… Because Street XO in Mayfair is something else!  From the moment you make your way down the stairs and hit the bar – Circus XO, dimly lit in shimmering purples, with neon signage and high stools lined up at a bar which looks remarkably like a fancy street food cart, you’ll begin to feel like you’re ‘not in Kansas anymore…’

Anything can and will happen at this bar…  Watch the mixologists creating ‘liquid cuisine‘ which is served to you with fire, ice, smoke, crispy bacon, popping candy… literally, you really don’t know what to expect until you’re drinking it out of a body part shaped vessel (the heart was my favourite), or a fancy over sized fishbowl.  It was love at first taste between me and my beloved USA Smoker cocktail (£14) – slow smoked, aged rum and no coke (chocolate, chipotles chili, cranberries and a thousand spices) and a very fetching piece of crispy bacon which had been scorched with a fancy blow torch before its made its way to me.

Quite frankly, I could’ve propped up the bar all night, but there was more fun to be had in the actual restaurant.  If you’re eating at Street XO, you absolutely must grab a pew at the chaotic but highly functional open kitchen.  This is where all the fun and the magic happens as street food staples like paella or pekinese dumplings are whipped into beautifully presented innovative dishes which you’re guaranteed to never eat again.  Unless you come back of course.

Without giving too much away about the food (the beauty is the surprise you get every time something is placed in front of you, as the chefs run through exactly what it is they’ve created), prepare to expect the unexpected.  There’s Asian and European influences, along with Chinese and Indian elements.  From crunchy pigs ears with strawberry hoisin sauce, to foie gras ramen and Galician octopus, you’ll literally never want to go back to normal food again.  And every dish on the very reasonably priced £70 Degustation Menu has the quirkiest of names.  The ‘Irish Oysters on Holiday to Acapulco’ for example, will get those taste buds working overtime… while ‘The Lamb who Travelled: Paris-Lima-Canton….’ will make you wonder why you don’t always have your milk-fed baby lamb with a hint of Chinese smoked tea.

A word of advice: if you’re a fan of formal dining in a quiet setting, then this definitely isn’t for you.  There’s adrenalin in the air, some great tunes which will have you shazamming while you’re eating, and did I mention there are no waiters?  Just super talented chefs who all look like they could be models in their spare time (and not an ounce of pretentious.  Anywhere.)

The Street XO frenzy of fine dining turns food on its head while you eat it with your hands – after all, Michelin starred Spanish chef David Munoz – the man behind the magic, believes that all eating experiences should be messy!

An unforgettable dining experience.  Next on the list, Street XO Madrid.  I’m booking the flights as I speak…

Street XO now also have a special lunchtime menu available for just £25.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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