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May 11, 2020

Ledbury Studio offers virtual kitchen design consultations

May 2020: A well-designed kitchen that strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality takes time to come to fruition. From planning the perfect layout to selecting the finest materials, the journey from inspiration to installation is lengthy and shouldn’t be rushed. With more free time on their hands than usual, the team at Ledbury Studio is encouraging homeowners to get a head start on the planning process with a virtual kitchen design consultation.

“Anybody who thinks they can design a kitchen by themselves is most likely underestimating the complexity of creating a space that functions well and looks fantastic,” says Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio. “Through a series of video meetings, 3D renders and CAD drawings, I can help homeowners navigate the process. They can benefit from my skill and expertise as a kitchen designer, without leaving the comfort of their own home.”

For more details about Ledbury Studio’s virtual kitchen design consultations, call the showroom or visit the website to fill in an initial enquiry form and request a call back from Charlie.

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