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April 26, 2019

Levison Wood Discusses Belstaff’s Fieldmaster and His Awe-Inspiring Expeditions

Levison Wood – ex-paratrooper come photographer, explorer and author – has been collaborating with Belstaff – a luxury clothing brand with plenty of British heritage – for many years now. But the launch of the latest Levison Fieldmaster is being hailed by many as the ‘launch of the best jacket yet.’

We find out more about Levison Wood and this latest venture.

Who Is Levison Wood?

Having just returned from the Arabian Peninsula following a 5,000-mile expedition, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Levison Wood might be about to take some time out. But you’d be wrong.

Levison’s working with the Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal.

You see, Levison’s an avid British explorer who relishes danger and challenges like the majority of us relish the chance to sit and relax on a beach. There’s just no stopping him.

From 2013 to 2014, Levison spent nine months walking 4,250 miles along the River Nile, filming for a Channel 4 documentary (one that became the most successful factual-based programme of the year, by the way). His subsequent book, Walking the Nile, which documented this journey, also became a Sunday Times bestseller.

Filming for another channel 4 documentary in 2015, Levison journeyed for over 1,700 miles from Afghanistan to Bhutan, and the coinciding book, Walking the Himalayas, also became critically acclaimed.

This was also the case when Levison walked 1,800 miles from Mexico to Colombia, travelling the entire length of Central America to shoot yet another documentary series for Channel 4 and write a book, Walking the Americas.

Another TV series from 2017 was From Russia to Iran: Crossing the Wild Frontier and his earlier book, Eastern Horizons, documents how he hitchhiked along the Silk Road as a 22-year-old man.

You’ll find his latest expedition in Arabia in book form (Arabia: A Journey Through the Heart of the Middle East) available now, while the documentary series will follow later on this year.

Introducing the Levison Fieldmaster

Now, you’d think with all this exploring that Levison has little time for much else. But again, you’d be wrong.

Levison has recently been involved in designing a special edition of Belstaff’s Fieldmaster jacket. And as someone who knows the importance of reliable kit, who else would be better positioned to create a durable, robust jacket that can survive all terrains, from mountains to deserts?

Using his experiences, Levison has enabled Belstaff to create a versatile jacket that’s made from water-repellent cotton (which wicks away sweat) and comes complete with a utility pocket, beautiful stitch detailing and pleating. Not only that, but the jacket also boasts an adjustable mandarin collar, bellow pockets (which are storm proof nonetheless) and a modern twist on a classic piece.

Describing his collaboration with Belstaff as a ‘legacy he’s proud to be involved in’, Levison is inspiring many of us, young and old, and in more ways than one.

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