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Living in the Finance Capitals of the World

October 2, 2016

Money makes the world go round.  That might be a catchy line from Fred Ebb’s Carousel song but it’s also pretty true.  If the world spins to the tune of money then there are some cities that are at the heart of that, orchestrating the whole thing.  If you want to move to where the money is then it is these cities that you need to search out.

The Telegraph reported on the cities that, according to the Z/Yen Group, fitted this bill as the finance capitals of the world.  Here are five of the star performers:


Top of the list as far as the Z/Yen Group is concerned is London.  The English capital is a world leader for financial services, with the expertise, environment and infrastructure needed to succeed. The recent ‘Brexit’ vote offers a challenge though, with the city now needing to prove to its institutions that leaving the European Union will not knock it off its perch and harm its pedigree.

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New York

One of the few cities in the world that comes close to London when it comes to finance is New York. The Big Apple doesn’t just attract the tourists to its photo-friendly iconic attracts, with the lure of Wall Street also helping this to retain a position at the world financial top table.

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San Francisco

The Californian city of San Francisco might be on the other side of the USA to New York but it’s at the same end of the financial spectrum. Its close ties with Silicon Valley have helped fuel big growth in the tech and finance sectors.

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Hong Kong

The low tax, business-friendly outlook of Hong Kong has helped to make it a world leader for financial services.  As a result, it has become home to the highest concentration of banking institutions in the world and boasts home to 71 of the biggest 100 international banks.

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The southeast Asian city state of Singapore has forged a reputation for itself as a key base for commerce, finance, tech and transport.

Z/Yen recently noted that it had edged ahead of Hong Kong – with its superior infrastructure proving a factor here – and, should London suffer from the ‘Brexit effect’ it will look to capitalise further.

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Beyond the famous five above there a number of rival cities snapping at their heels and trying to muscle in on the money rich list. If none of the above tickle your fancy, try Tokyo, Toronto and Zurich as three more cities that can claim to be one of the finance capitals of the world.


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