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July 14, 2020

Luxury Vinyl Flooring explained

The popularity of vinyl floors is increasing among homeowners. This flooring is famous because of moisture resistance, resiliency, maintenance ease, and attractive design. Commercial buildings and homeowners love vinyl. It has several attractive features.

Vinyl Flooring Types

Different vinyl floors are available on the market. Each type has its pros and cons. Here are some popular types of flooring for your project:

Sheet Vinyl

These are available in wide and large rolls. The sheet vinyl is 6 to 12 feet wide. You can put them in unique patterns in kitchens and bathrooms. Feel free to install this vinyl in your rooms. They are available with adhesives and give suitable thickness to subfloors.

Vinyl Tiles

The Quick Step can be a reliable source to buy square vinyl tiles. These are imprinted with different designs. In your kitchen and bathrooms, you can put them diagonally for a fantastic contrast in the kitchen.

Feel free to put them in a checkerboard pattern to increase the depth to bathroom floors. You may find different vinyl tiles in a floating and glue down floor installation.

Vinyl Planks

These look similar to laminate or hardwood and is an original floating vinyl floor. Vinyl planks may be referred to as LVP or LVT. Remember, vinyl planks are waterproof and may be great for commercial and residential applications.

Rigid core planks are engineered vinyl. It features a rigid construction, such as SPC or WPC. This vinyl features one thin vinyl layer over a waterproof core. WPC planks feature a blend of vinyl, plastic, and wood. The material is durable and waterproof.

The durability of Vinyl Floors

Vinyl may seem identical to tile, stone, or wood. It is durable as compared to other materials. You will find them easy to maintain. The process of creating vinyl makes it durable. The inner foam may withstand humidity and high-temperature.

Remember, the design looks luxurious and durable. This material can manage heavy wear and tear. Vinyl flooring can deal with severe durability tests for measurement flammability, scratch resistance, strength, and UV protection.

Vinyl Finishes

Vinyl flooring has different finishes that make them beautiful. A vinyl no-wax finish may be excellent for different areas. You can use it in areas with light foot traffic and limited exposure to moisture and dirt.

Urethane finishes are durable and heavy. This finish is suitable for moderate foot traffic. It is resistant to deterioration and convenient to clean. Moreover, the improved urethane finish is tough and accommodates heavy foot traffic. This vinyl finish is resistant to stains and scratches.

Stain Resistance

Some vinyl tiles may have a wear layer resistant to spills and stains. You may expect protection with printed sheets and vinyl tiles. Moreover, composite and solid vinyl tiles may not have surface protection. They are susceptible to different stains and need infrequent stripping.

Vinyl feels soft under your feet. The tiles and sheets of vinyl offer a padded layer. For this reason, walking on these sheets will be comfortable. These may be referred to as resilient floors.

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