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September 5, 2022

Made by Coopers’ – A modern apothecary of natural, organic products

Treat loved ones to the gift of sleep, well-being and restoration with Made By Coopers’ diverse range of modern apothecary products this Christmas.

Created by Clare and Darren Cooper after Clare found solace from anxiety disorders in natural healing oils and powerful plants, the family-run business has been creating products to aid in emotional well-being ever since. All products are free from nasties, such as parabens, SLSs, mineral oil, artificial colours, and synthetic fragrances, but are full of clean, nutrient-rich essentials oils and botanical ingredients.

There’s a gift for everyone, even the hardest to buy for – who doesn’t want to improve their sleep! Here is just an array of products, please do let us know if there is something you are featuring in particular or around a set price point.

The hard to buy for

Scrambling your brain to try and find the perfect gift for the hardest to buy for a person? Made By Coopers has the perfect gift – the gift of sleep! 16million people struggle to get to and stay asleep in Britain. So, why not kick off 2023 with giving them the gift of the full forty winks?

Gift six months’ worth of sleep with an award-winning sleep spray and app combo for only £30! The ‘I can sleep bundle’ provides you with six months of sleep sessions as it brings together the power duo of aromatherapy and hypnotherapy to create the ultimate sleep experience.

The Bundle includes:

• 100ml Made By Cooper’s Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray
• Six Month Subscription to Clementine App

Made By Coopers has teamed up with the Clementine App for this exclusive collaboration to enhance how Brits go to bed. The app uses hypnotherapy to soothe users into a dreamy sleep, giving a boost of confidence or a dose of calm into the day. Whatever the person is needing that day, its audio sessions guide users through feelings and help tackle the root of what’s causing them.

A few sprays of the Sleepy Head Spray and a Deep Sleep session from Clementine will leave those you love feeling ready to dive into a sumptuous sleep.

Why not browse the rest of its Sleepy Head product range now here

Another innovative and different gift for those you love! Introducing Made By Cooper’s Natural Linen Meditation & Yoga Cushion here practically perfect for those that need to slow down, take some ‘me’ time or those yoga lovers out there!

The all-natural cushion, priced at £45, allows receivers to take a moment of stillness and self-reflection. It provides increased comfort, reduces pain, and naturally allows more focus.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Zen meditation cushion (Zafu), the buckwheat-filled cushion is perfect for long meditation sessions or use during yoga.

Its key features are its all-natural fabric and sustainable filling, the fact you can adjust its firmness and height by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls (husks). Keeping it clean is also easy, with its removable zip cover and that it can be popped into the washing machine. And finally, it looks great anywhere with its minimal, natural design.

Looking to gift something different – you’ve found it with this cushion!

Gifts under £15

Made By Coopers travel-size room sprays are perfect for those jet setters you know and love, or staycationers whether it be a work friend or family member, present them with a gift that will inject a little happiness into every jaunt.

These small, but perfectly formed, room sprays are the perfect introduction to the brand’s beautiful products and diverse range. With natural aromatherapy uplifting benefits, its fruity blend of three essential oils is designed to exhilarate and excite, leaving those in its possession in a state of happiness.

This atmosphere mist contains the following essential oils that will drive these benefits:

• Lime – Uplifting and refreshing
• Clementine – Energising, relieves stress
• Basil – Enhances mental clarity, boosts mood

This perfect room spray will help to dispel negative energy, freshen up linen, can be used on yoga or workout mats, make bathrooms smell great, or finally as a natural air freshener. An absolute bargain for £15!

Browse the range of travel sprays now, with Happy, Calm, and Sleepy Head available:

Sleep & Room Sprays For Travel

Gifts under £30

One of Made By Cooper’s bestselling ranges is its face and body oil. A product that’s been on trend this year in everything beauty. Why not purchase a must-have product for those you love and it comes in under £30!

Designed to absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feel, the brand’s experts advise to use daily to moisturise and hydrate the skin, while comforting the soul.

Made with cold pressed, vitamin-rich plant oils infused with natural essential oils and dried flowers, Made By Cooper’s nourishing, anti-aging face and body oil softens the skin and improves elasticity while alleviating inflammation and enhancing cell renewal.

As with all its products, there are benefits for the essential oils contained inside:

o Argan Oil – High in vitamin E and saponins, softens the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
o Avocado Oil – Ultra-rich oil containing vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E
o Cherry Kernel Oil – High in antioxidants and vitamin A. Improves dry skin and refines large pores
o Orange – Alleviates anxiety and depression. Boosts self-esteem
o Patchouli – Comforting and grounding

Buy now for £24 here

Gifts under £30

Made By Coopers also has an envious rage of bath salts. All its salts combine natural essential oils and Himalayan & Epsom salts to create the perfect blends for long, hot soaks. Ideal for someone who needs the gift of sleep or products to reduce stress. A full mind and body healing experience in a bottle.

High in magnesium, its bath salt blends are great for repairing damaged skin, promoting cell renewal and soothing tired, stiff or aching muscles.

There are a few in the range, but this one includes a blend of Vanilla and Ylang Ylang essential oils to rejuvenate the skin and help relax and unwind.

It’s time for the receiver to turn their bath into a full-body healing experience with a splash of rose petals and sweet vanilla aromas. Total relaxation and pleasure and all for only £22.50.

Buy now here

Luxury gifts

Made By Coopers also has an array of gifts inspired to give a luxurious experience.

Diffusers have again been a big feature in most women’s and home magazines across the year, so why not offer the gift of beautiful, essential oil scents to your loved one’s home.

Made By Coopers range of diffusers will fill any room with a beautiful aroma within minutes. Its Scent Stone diffuser creates an ultrasonic fine mist, delivering a powerful, natural scent made from its essential oil blends.

Diffuser Highlights:

• Powerful ultra-fine mist
• Beautiful ceramic cover
• Seven colour glows (to suit every mood)
• Three timer settings plus a continuous mode
• Auto switch off when empty

The Scent Stone electric diffuser will help the owner to achieve better sleep, reduce stress or lift the mood in combination with its range of essential oils blends. They can also choose from one of seven colours to create a subtle glow when turned on.

The ceramic cover also allows the diffuser to sit naturally in any environment, with a timer that can be set for one, two or three hours. Alternatively, you can use it in continuous mist mode and once the tank is empty, it will automatically switch off.

The perfect gift for any house-proud woman or man!

Starting from £56.00 buy now here

Gifts for Her

Made By Coopers’ range of luxury scented candles are the most wonderful way to de-stress and unwind in your own living room, infused with a blend of rich essential oils and fragrances that will leave you feeling lifted and energised.

They make the perfect gift for that special lady in your life as they literally have the personal touch – with each candle being hand poured in three stages to ensure a more consistent scent throw throughout the life of the product.

With a special blend of Coconut and Rapeseed wax, the candles are now more sustainable than other waxes on the market and produce a cleaner burn, providing the receiver with all the aromatherapy benefits and aroma that essential oils have to offer.

Browse Made By Cooper’s full range of candles now here

Perfect for giving. Made By Cooper’s range of gift sets are the ideal way to make your friends and families’ well-being improve this year.

Whether you are struggling with sleep issues, looking for a natural skincare routine or just some much-needed self-care, it has an answer.

This set is named the Daily Skincare Ritual, priced at £64.00, is perfect for those women who are hard to buy and comes with a free gift box too – which is a real bonus when you have lots of wrapping to get through!

This box with its three beautiful products will provide the opener with a daily skincare routine that will nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate dry, tired skin.

For all tips on how to use the kit and to buy click here

Gifts for Him

Struggling to find a gift to indulge the men in your life, well Made By Cooper’s vast range of essential oils are perfect… bear with us. Yes, essential oils for men. It’s a gift they are very unlikely to purchase for themselves – but gifting them it could untap the massive array of benefits and get them hooked.

The Restore oil in the range has been specifically created with men in mind – its cedar wood and black pepper undertones give a real deep, rich masculine aroma.

The product for the owners and makers of the brand takes them back to where their journey began in the depths of the Indian jungle.

The product contains comforting blend of four essential oils designed to restore peace and balance emotions:

• Eucalyptus – Stimulating and refreshing
• Cedarwood – Balances emotions, relieves nervous tension
• Coriander – Stimulating and refreshing
• Black Pepper – Soothes tightened emotions
The receiver can use the product in a variety of ways in a diffuser, adding it to a bath or shower, blending it with other oils for massage and finally using in an oil burner. At only £14 it’s even perfect sized and priced for a stocking filler!

Made By Coopers offer FREE delivery with all orders over £20. Visit here.

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