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July 23, 2019

Maestro DOBEL Diamante™: the world’s first Cristalino-style, multi-aged tequila

National Tequila Day on the 24th July is the perfect occasion to discover Mexico’s best-selling ultra-premium tequila: Maestro DOBEL Diamante™: the world’s first Cristalino-style, multi-aged tequila.

Steeped in eleven generations of tequila craftmanship, Maestro DOBEL Diamante is now garnering a following among UK bartenders and can also be purchased for enjoyment at home.

A unique, silky smooth blend of aged tequilas; sophisticated aromas and flavours have been imparted by Balkan oak barrels during the maturation process. It’s so smooth and perfectly balanced that you can enjoy sipping neat (and it’s great straight from the freezer too, like vodka) but for National Tequila Day we’re sharing a new, celebration cocktail recipe in the refreshing Diamond Fizz.

Diamond Fizz

35ml Maestro DOBEL Diamante™
10ml grapefruit juice
3 dashes orange bitters
5ml agave nectar

Shake & double-strain into a long flute glass. Top-up with Champagne and garnish with a coin-sized grapefruit peel.

Rafael Cagali, head chef of Da Terra Restaurant, at Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, developed bite-size recipes to complement Maestro DOBEL Diamante. Hotly tipped to receive a Michelin star in October, Latino Cagali usually saves his gastronomic magic for his restaurant’s kitchen but these bit-size dishes – perfect as party canapés or a starter – are easy to recreate at home and, with Diamond Fizz, perfect to enjoy on the hottest summer days.

Eleven generations of tequila mastery have informed Maestro DOBEL® and its dynamic reinvention of the super-premium tequila category. The world’s first clear, multi-aged tequila Maestro DOBEL Diamante™ has been causing a stir in its homeland of Mexico for some time – a game changing, proprietary Cristalino technique results in a crystal clear, soft, silky smooth spirit perfect for sipping neat. Maestro DOBEL Humito® excitingly reinterprets artisanal methods deployed over 200 years ago using a secret technique that harnesses mesquite wood to craft the world’s first smoked, silver tequila – resulting in a delicately complex, aromatic and sultry liquid.

Maestro DOBEL Diamante and Humito are handcrafted using 100% blue agave that matures for at least eight years in rich soil, under the shadows of Tequila’s volcanoes in Jalisco, Mexico. All aspects of the founder’s artistry are unexpected, cutting edge and rule breaking in tequila terms.

Maestro DOBEL Diamante is exceptional in its unique blend of aged tequila, which incorporates a proprietary technique in craftsmanship including a unique carbon filtration process that allows the gentle removal of colour while retaining the sophisticated aromas and flavours that have been imparted by the wood during the maturation process. It is a smooth, perfectly balanced tequila with a soft, yet robust, agave flavour. Best enjoyed in its true form, sipped neat, on the rocks, super chilled or in cocktails.

Maestro DOBEL Humito, the world’s first smoked silver tequila, emanates the tequila flavours of the 17th century for the discerning and curious. Aromatic mesquite wood is utilised during cooking of the agave and results in a flavour delivery extraordinarily balanced between smoky notes and agave. The tequila is superb in cocktails and will also appeal to those who appreciate a sophisticated smokiness to his/her spirit drinking.

All Maestro DOBEL’s pioneering, single estate tequilas are perfected in small batches. The Jimadores, the experts in the agave fields, select only the best of the season and wait for the optimum moment to harvest the blue agave. Maestro DOBEL is the first multi-aged tequila using 100% natural process of aging in Eastern European white oak barrels – the aromatic characteristics of which complement and balance the natural sweetness of the agave.

The family business prides itself on refusing to stand still and is set on inspiring and surprising anyone who already appreciates the highest quality tequila, while bringing adventurous and new consumers to the category – from those who enjoy white spirits to single malt whisky drinkers.

The contemporary Maestro DOBEL bottle design is inspired by the vintage, apothecary-style sample bottles used by the distillery’s Maestro Tequileros (Master Distillers) in the nineteenth century. Each bottle is numbered, dated and then signed by its creator Juan Domingo ‘Dobel’ Beckmann.

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