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April 17, 2020

Mahabis Slippers – A warm welcome when you get home

If you’re anything like me, then the recent wet and windy weather in the UK will have you wanting nothing more at the end of a long working day than to get home and slip into something comfy. Warm and welcoming, Mahabis slippers are like a perfectly fitting new best friend for your feet as you swap your work shoes or heels for pure luxurious comfort and relax with a chilled glass of wine – pure heaven. We leave ours just inside the door for instant relief for tired feet!

These days, you can pick up a pair of generic slippers from supermarkets, shoe shops, department stores and, even discount stores – but a quality slipper is a little harder to find. I don’t mind admitting to appreciating a bit of luxury and, Mahabis slippers are most definitely for those who deserve the best – and have earned it. Whether it’s a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas, or just because you’re worth it, Mahabis Slippers are the first word in stylish and sophisticated home footwear.

For me, one of the best things about these slippers is that they mould to the shape of your feet for the perfect fit. That’s down to the clever ergonomic design and all-round cleverness of this stylish footwear. In fact, they’re so comfortable that I’m often tempted to wear them outdoors as well as inside the house (I will confess to having popped to the shops in them once or twice when the thought of surrendering them in favour of shoes was just too much).

Much more than just a slipper, the innovative construction of Mahabis means that they don’t look out of place when worn instead of trainers or sneakers – making them delightfully multi-functional as well as super-comfortable.

If your idea of slippers is pom poms, fluffy bits and animal or cartoon designs, think again. The new generation of slipper, the Mahabis feature a designer style tab for easy slip-on and, a foam and merino wool inner sock which I can only describe as a hug for your feet.  Even when I’ve just come in from the freezing cold, my feet are toasty warm within moments of popping on my marvellous Mahabis.  For somebody like myself who is on their feet all day, the snug fit and extraordinary comfort of the Mahabis provided by the foam footbed and durably hybrid sole provides instant, luxurious relief.

Why do I choose Mahabis? Brilliantly sculptured, classic design and incredibly comfortable, what’s not to love?  Plus, a choice of colourways for both upper and sole means that my Mahabis is unique – and all mine!

For men and women.  For home comforts, the school run, a trip to the shops or a long plane journey, Mahabis are my choice – every time.

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