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February 5, 2019

Make your next milestone anniversary one to remember

Wedding anniversaries come around every year and are always worth celebrating. There are, however, certain milestone anniversaries that deserve something special. During the early years of marriage there is a traditional gift linked to almost everyone. Once you get past the twenty fifth wedding anniversary, the list of gift ideas becomes a little sparse and it’s only every fifth anniversary year that seems to be thought of as special. These are considered to be the milestone anniversary years and require a little more thought and attention.

If you’re celebrating your silver, ruby, gold, or diamond wedding anniversary this year, here are some great ideas on how you can spend it. Celebrate in style and share something unforgettable.

Enjoy a Romantic Break Together

Treat you and your spouse to the ultimate romantic break. Consider the most luxurious of destinations, such as the Caribbean, and go all out. The Caribbean can offer beautiful beaches and an immense amount of culture and delicious food for you to try. Plus, to make the trip even more special, you could consider hiring out one of the many luxurious villas in the Caribbean so that the two of you can spend quality time without other tourists or accommodation staff. Private accommodation means privacy, the ability to go at your own pace, home comforts and also enjoying a home cooked meal without others surrounding the two of you.

Celebrate with Family and Friends

For many couples, celebrating an anniversary is a very personal thing. For others, however, it’s a time to mark the occasion with friends and family. Some of you might be tempted to throw the circle open even further and involve the whole of the community where you live. If you want to make your celebration more of a family affair, invite everyone to join you for a holiday.

Spend a Week Reliving Your Courting Days

If you’ve moved away from the town or city where you first started dating enjoy a week’s holiday together reliving those romantic first dates. Revisit the cinema where you sat in the back row. Spend a day walking the same paths where you held hands all those years ago. Sit in the restaurants and cafes where you gazed longingly at each other over the table.

Experience a New Location Together

Have you found yourselves visiting the same location for your holidays? Why not use your anniversary celebration as an opportunity to travel somewhere completely new? The world is full of interesting, exciting and beautiful places to visit and you’ve probably only been to a small selection of them. If you tend to spend your holiday lazing on a beach why not spend it hiking in the mountains, skiing or driving a 4×4 across the African savanna?

Enjoy a Holiday Doing Absolutely Nothing

You might think this sounds really silly, but how much time do you actually get to spend together and not have to worry about doing anything at all? Get the grandparents to look after your kids if they’re still living at home, ask your neighbours or friends to care for your pets for a week or two, switch off all your electronic gadgets and enjoy each other’s company for a change. Spend a few days enjoying a staycation or travel somewhere further afield. We all live our lives at such a fast pace, with so many responsibilities and distractions, it’s easy to forget about spending time with the one you love.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

Were you able to have the dream wedding you wanted when you tied the knot all those years ago? Now you’ve got more disposable income, why not reconnect with your partner and splash out on the ceremony you both wanted? Invite all your new friends and family and make the day even more memorable than it was before. You might be able to renew your vows in the same place, which would make it really meaningful.

As part of the celebration, you could take yourselves away for a second honeymoon. If you weren’t able to spend time away somewhere exotic the first-time now’s your chance to cross a holiday destination off your bucket list.

Have a Holiday at a Spa

Spend a week together being pampered at a spa. Many spa hotels or resorts offer special packages for anniversary couples. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated with care and attention and lavished with treatments that’ll soon have you feeling relaxed. Enjoy a couple of hours working up a sweat in the fitness centre, lie back and indulge yourself with a mineral bath, feel refreshed with a massage and top up on your tan.

Refreshments and food are usually provided, so make the most of your holiday with slap-up meals and cocktails to finish every day off perfectly. Wherever you decide to go, there will be a range of luxurious spa treatments to choose from.

A Trip to the Theatre

When was the last time you went to the theatre together? If you’ve never done it before, it’s never too late to start. Hire a limo for the evening and arrive in style. There are plenty of theatres to choose from, wherever you might live. However, a West End or Broadway show is an experience you’d be hard pushed to beat. This might be a long way to travel for some of you so make it a memorable event by staying in a luxury hotel for a week.

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to show your other half how much you care. There are many ways to mark the occasion and it’s all down to you to pick the best one. Whether you’re spending quality time with family, jetting around the world for the holiday of a lifetime, enjoying the theatre or relaxing at a spa resort be sure to make it memorable.

An anniversary trip is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the love you have for your partner and breathe some fresh air into your relationship. There are so many breath-taking destinations you can visit and experiences you can enjoy. You’ll be talking about your wedding anniversary for many years to come.

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