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November 30, 2019

Minimalist backpacks to take you anywhere, anytime!

If your commute, run, hike or ride takes you outdoors in inclement weather, then a waterproof backpack is a must. There’s no point in risking a laptop or notebook full of ideas ruined by the rain, and it’s a simple fix to avoid. To be safe, go waterproof. We tested seven of the best waterproof bags on the market that will see you home and dry in a downpour.

Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger of Berlin Backpack brand Ucon Acrobatics established their opening collection in the summer of 2001 with the vision to develop a brand anchored in creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production. Moving from a focus on skater to a brand that centers around bags, Jochen and Martin know the power of conversation in leading development. We would like to offer you an exclusive interview with the duo to talk humble beginnings, the biggest breakthroughs and the secrets to working in partnership.

With a passion for the work of talented artists and the design community around them, they embraced collaborations to build a creative environment for the brand. The brand’s studio in Berlin-Friedrichshain, is an old cow stable which they restored from ground, and is ideally located within a district where the merging of art, progressive design, architecture and fashion is a long-established tradition.

Inspired by friends, the city they call home and the places they choose to travel: The approach Ucon Acrobatics take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility. This journey is anchored by a sincere foundation for quality pieces that are constantly challenged by the theory that you are only as good as your last product. Ucon Acrobatics create goods designed to enable journeys and exploration; bags and backpacks for men and women often with an additional functional aspect. Staying true to their core values during seventeen-plus years in business helped Ucon Acrobatics to create a company they’re proud to run and work for. We strongly believe in our idea of innovative, modern, functional and especially minimalistic products for a whole new generation of creative consumers. The Ucon Acrobatics focus is on making the best products possible with sophisticated fabrication, technical know-how and open-minded philosophy has brought us to where we are right now


Life in the city is something Ucon Acrobatics embraces. Appreciating the variety: a kaleidoscope of cultures all in one place. It’s the little things that others might pass by in the blink of an eye that keeps them inspired. Daily tasks are adventures to be lived, not problems to be solved. Balancing everyday whilst challenging ideas to evolve. Never compromising on quality or our values as individuals. Ucon Acrobatics. Balance and agility in everyday life.

Repair Shop

The Ucon Acrobatics Repair Shop is an in-house repair project, available for customers who bought directly in their Online Store. At the Studio in Berlin/Friedrichshain, Bea, the in-house tailor, repairs broken backpacks and redesigns used bags for second hand sales. Bags beyond repair will be taken apart and used for spare parts, or in the making of redesigned bags. Customers can choose to have your old and used Ucon Acrobatics bag repaired for a new life, or hand it in for second hand sales in exchange for a voucher granting you 20% off your next purchase. With this project, they want to encourage customers to give your bag a second life. Something that will be benefiting the environment at the same time as underlining our ambition to produce long lasting and functional bags & backpacks.


The diverse use of unique fabrics has always been a major part of the Ucon Acrobatics DNA. They love to enter new territories using undiscovered natural fabrics in backpack production such as cork or paper. The fabric of the Paper Series is made from vegetable cultivated cellulose fibers and manufactured in Germany with a long tradition of 150 years. The washable paper feels like leather, is biodegradable, flexible, highly water-resistant and tear proof. For one of their best-selling series, The Stealth series, they are also using ecological recycled PET fabric, certificated by SCS Global service.

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