NH Hotel Group Hologram Conferencing – The Future

January 23, 2017

Hologram conferencing must be one of the most amazing concepts I’ve been introduced to in recent years.  Available at certain NH Hotels across the globe, I was lucky enough to experience the height of conferencing technology at the fabulous NH Collection Barcelona Constanza.

Let’s face it, anyone who’s ever sat for a whole day in back-to-back conferences will be aware of just how dull they can be.  Yes the information might be totally relevant, but if you’re not engaged, you’re less likely to pay attention and take in vital knowledge which could be critical to the success of your business!

Bringing products and ideas to life, quite literally, hologram conferencing transforms a bare stage into a magical presentation.  See a life size car in front of your eyes, dance performances, any number of presenters and facts, stats and figures presented in an engaging and informative way.

Defying barriers and even crossing time zones, hologram conferencing actually makes it possible for you to be in two places at once.  With 3D full size holographic presence and state of the art patented projection, you can present in more than one location in real time or with an advanced recording, appearing in crystal clear quality in front of your audience.  With an unlimited number of special effects, the possibilities really are endless.  Get a celebrity involved and have them carry out the presentation  – that’s one way you could definitely captivate your viewers and keep their attention!

There’s also a number of hi-tech meeting rooms available through the NH Hotel Group.  This high quality form of conferencing with advanced audio technology, is possible through the use of the SMART Room System™ for Skype for business, along with NH High Performance Meeting Rooms kitted out with first class facilities.  Connecting is easy via online (allowing you to connect with 250 remote participants who can interact in real time), or offline where you can enjoy interactive flipcharts and projectors for increased creativity, while reducing travel expenses and invested time.

Want to really make an impression?  The NH Collection Eurobuilding’s biggest LED Vault in Europe is a giant sized screen covering 300 metres squared, providing you with a backdrop that is limitless in terms of use.   Set background music against the LED images to create a show with the most amazing WOW factor, delivering a message no-one is likely to forget!

Find out more information on NH Hotel Groups unbelievable technology here

(Hologram conferencing is available at the following hotels: NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, NH Collection Barcelona Constanza, nhow Berlin, nhow Milano, NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst and NH Laguna Palace.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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