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June 30, 2022

Enhance your outdoor experience with dryrobe®

First launched in 2010, dryrobe® is the original weather-proof change robe. Created by Gideon Bright, a UK-based surfer with over 30 years of experience in the water, dryrobe® change robes are designed to let you get active outdoors, whatever the weather.

The first dryrobe® was based on an idea Gideon’s mum had when he was a teenager. He always had the old waterproof and windproof ‘robe’ idea in the back of his mind but didn’t really think to develop it. Years later, whilst getting changed after a surf in a damp towel robe on a freezing cold winter’s day, he decided to make something better.

No expense is spared in the construction of dryrobe® change robes. Whilst the concept of the garment hasn’t changed since its inception, the quality of materials and the design have continuously evolved, with performance, sustainability and durability always at its core.
Over the past few years, dryrobe® has become a true phenomenon and is now one of the most sought-after and discussed brands in the UK and Ireland.

Surfing is where it all started, but the performance benefits of dryrobe® were quickly adopted by athletes from a huge range of sports and activities. From open water swimming, through to camping it’s all #dryrobeterritory.

On the back of rapid growth in the UK & Ireland dryrobe® are expanding into more territories across the globe and are already making an impact in the US market.
As part of dryrobe’s commitment to the planet, the company is working towards becoming a certified B Corporation.

The year ahead will see the introduction of a range of exciting and innovative new dryrobe® products.

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