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January 17, 2020

Omnino Brazilian Barbecue a restaurant redefining the art of grilling

I’m not going to apologise for loving my meat, all varieties, as an athlete protein is extremely important to me, as is the flavour, the preparation and cooking choice.

When I was invited with my partner to enjoy an evening at Omnino Brazillian Barbecue I was thrilled, got myself booked in and duly arrived on time on a drizzly Saturday evening, so happy to be experiencing a true Brazillian journey of culinary delight.

Omnino has two restaurants one in the heart of the Square Mile and one in St. Pauls area and this was the one we visited. We didn’t know what to expect but we were surprised and overjoyed when we learned the concept was tapas-style sharing platters.

The dining experienced was hugely enhanced by the stylish chic and comfortable décor, plush leather banquets, soft lighting and sparkling tableware ensuring an excellent affair.

Our waiter arrived to take our drinks order and we opted for a couple of cocktails while we checked out the menu, with a little help and advice.  Our waiter recommended the 10 sides and 12 different types of meat that are carved at the table.   We were served several different cuts of meat that were indeed carved at the table including roast pork, Brazilian sausages, lamb, sirloin, picaña, rump and one other showstopper cut, the traditional Cupim which is cooked in charcoal for 6 hours. There are also vegan and pescatarian choices too.  This meal would normally cost £38.95, a steal if you ask me!

Each dish that arrived at our table looked as good as it tasted, presented beautifully and steaming hot. Our favourites were the roast pork and Brazillian sausage, absolutely delicious. Omnino pride themselves on providing not only the best service but also in using high-end prime quality steaks from around the globe, the attention to detail is astounding, we enjoyed every single mouthful, it’s surprising how much you can consume when the dishes are so flavoursome.

Every fortnight the tapas sides change as Chef Eduardo Barsotti’s menu explores the various regions of Brazil, providing guests with an insight of its rich cultural diversity.

The South American wines and specially designed cocktails pair beautifully and expertly with the menu, providing a comprehensive meal to remember.

W: Omnino Restaurants

  Written by Josh and Lauren for Luxuria Lifestyle International and London

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