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February 4, 2020

Play Bingo in just 5 steps

Bingo is one of the easiest games that can be played online and offline at an online casino or at your home. The game is known for many things like its simple gameplay, the excitement it carries and the famous scream of joy — ‘BINGO!’.

People of all generations have memories of playing Bingo with their grandparents or in a house gathering. In fact, Bingo halls to date are considered a great stress-relieving place and rightfully so. It immerses you in its fun gameplay and makes you forget about the rest of the world. The fact that anyone can play this game without having to read a whole guide to play Bingo makes it a popular card game. But did you know that if you play the game in the following 5 steps, you could give yourself a fair chance to shout the famous scream? Here are 5 easy steps to play Bingo and make the most of this classic game.

The first step

The first step is without which no Bingo can be played. It is to get a bingo card from the host. The bingo card has a simple layout where at the top is the game’s name and on the rest of it are rows of numbers. Numbers are placed randomly on each card and the game starts when the host begins calling out numbers.

The second step

As the host begins calling out numbers with complete randomness, you need to start cutting or hiding the number by a bingo chip if you have the specific number on your card. The aim here is to cut all the numbers before anybody else to win the game. However, the water doesn’t spill all at once. Which is what the second step is about. Hear the numbers carefully and try to cross a full row in any dimension – horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Yes, a diagonal row is also considerable. Do it before anybody else to win the first level of the game.

The third step

If you have managed to finish the second step, congratulations! You have made yourself capable of winning even more at the game, that too before others. The third step depends on the hall or host who is conducting the game. Many bingo halls do have two line prizes, while some don’t. If your hall has a two-line prize, then make sure to make a shout out when you cross two lines. The lines could be anywhere on the card. One diagonal and one horizontal is also considered as a two-line Bingo.

The fourth step

You are going great and have created yourself a great chance to win the game completely by meeting the third step. The only step that is keeping you away from the complete win is a full-house Bingo. Full-house means all the numbers on your card. If you happen to cut out/cover all the numbers on your card, do not look for lubricants, just shout ‘BINGO’ before anyone else does. The person who shouts ‘Bingo’ first wins the game, which is why I have been stressing on shouting Bingo. But what if somebody else shouts Bingo at the exact same time? Don’t worry, in that case, both players are called combined winners. No ultra slow-motion replays will be heard.

The fifth step

The fifth and the final step is what all Bingo players dream of. Now that you have won the game, you can take the enormous prize money home and throw a party, which is what most people in the UK do. That is it. You have successfully unlocked the no-effort exciting game of Bingo in just 5 easy steps.

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