Premium Electro Brunch at Gaucho Piccadilly – The ‘Steak & Eggs’ of Saturday Brunch Parties

April 25, 2018

Saturday morning 11am.  Are you A) Home in PJ’s watching Saturday Kitchen?  B) Heading to Westfield for a new outfit?  Or C) Getting ready to party-start the weekend with Gaucho’s Premium Electro Brunch?  The answer should always be C…  And here’s why:

Brunch is big news these days.  Every hotel, restaurant, bar and cafe are at it, every weekend.  But what separates the men from the boys?  (Or more aptly in this case, the Argentinian steak from the eggs?!)  Well Electro Brunch at Gaucho is quite literally, something else.  By the time we arrived at 2pm, this party brunch was already buzzing.  Tables full of glamorous crowds in their best going-out clobber were dancing with the DJ, swigging on deliciously fizzy Chandon Rosé and feasting on classics like the Peanut Butter French Toast, Oven Baked Chorizo Sausage and Smashed Avo with crispy bacon bits.

Whisked to our tables and briefed on the rules (each person is allowed to order one dish at a time and one drink at a time), we were set for our two hours of bottomless brunch heaven.  Standard Electro Brunch is £49.95 per person, but if you fancy pimping your brunch up to Premium for an extra tenner (£59.95), then along with the standard offering of drinks, you’ll be able to choose from the additional list of Pornstar Martinis, Espresso Martinis and Chandon Rosé.  That’s along with all the Bloody Mary, Aperol Spritz, Rubia Pilsener Lager and Domaine Chandon’s you can down in 120 minutes… Ready, Set, GO!

Having visited before, I knew what a treat we were in for when the Medialuna starter arrived – lashings of peanut butter (served as an actual ‘butter’) and warm bread.  It’s the most delicious brunch-stomach-liner we’ve ever experienced, washed down with an Espresso Martini for the ultimate sugar hit.

If you’re suffering from the night before, you’ll be pleased to know there’s also two virgin cocktails which will ensure you don’t feel left out.  For the ultimate taste sensation, try the Apple Gone Loupe with green apple, cantaloupe, melon and mint.  This also means your pregnant and tee-total friends won’t have an excuse to cancel when you plan your next big birthday/hen-do/Christmas party here.

Favourite dishes of ours on the day included the Eggs Royale with Salmon which comes with a lovely creamy Hollandaise Sauce and the Oven Baked Chorizo Sausage, served in a hot pan with tomato, egg and mushroom.  You should always finish with at least two rounds of absolutely bang on Pornstar Martinis and a couple of plates of the Banana Pancakes which come drenched in Nutella.  Keeping up your sugar take is indeed essential for an all-day sesh.

Dancing ensued until closing and then eager to carry on the party, we rounded up each table and told them where we were heading next.  Cue 40 arrivals at Jewel Bar Piccadilly who couldn’t quite work out where everyone had suddenly appeared from…

To get your party weekend off to the best start possible, Gaucho Premium Electro Brunch is most definitely the go-to.  The funnest of brunches in one of London’s coolest restaurants.  It’s a total brunch-no-brainer.

Check out the list of venues which take part by clicking on the link below.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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