Revolutionary Tape Hair Extensions at Beauty & Melody – Lightweight and Long-Lasting!

May 17, 2018

Big hair is such big business.  Beauty & Melody is a luxury London salon specialising in tape hair extensions and doing it fabulously!  It’s no wonder they’re so busy.  Growing up, girls everywhere were (hair) conditioned into thinking that we should have long luscious locks in our bid to be as feminine as possible.  Every fairytale princess, every Barbie doll… I mean come on, Rapunzel’s hair was so out-of-this-world amazing, a Prince was even able to climb up it and rescue her!

Nowadays, Heat Mag, Insta, and all the reality TV programmes show us every stylish woman should have tresses down to their knees.  But how you achieve it is another thing altogether.

Unless you were blessed with a gorgeously glossy mane, hair extensions are obviously the way to go.  Having personally worn extensions for over 10 years, I have tried them all.  Glue extensions brought out most of my natural hair with them.  Micro-ring extensions just didn’t stay in place and I’d regularly have to pick the odd one up of the floor in a bar or on the tube – AWKS.  Clip-ins always looked fake, and no matter how many hair restoration products I bought, nothing would actually make it grow for real.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of tape extensions.  But that’s exactly what they are –  thin strips of tape at the top of each two inch weft of hair, which are then effortlessly attached to your own.

Eager to give them go, but still totally sceptical, I booked an appointment with the fabulous Aussie hair expert Melinda B at the renowned tape extension salon Beauty & Melody, Marble Arch.  With a consultation fitting required to allow the salon to order them in, my hair was matched up and then I was invited back in for the main event when the hair arrived.  No matter what colour hair you have, it’s possible to have the perfect colour matched and fitted to your own hair, so that it looks completely natural.

After my hair was washed and dried, the transformation began.  I opted for the 16 inch extensions in two colours, to match my current highlights.  The fitting process looked so easy.  Sections of hair were lifted while one tape extension was placed underneath, and then one above – effectively sandwiching each section of hair.  Within just an hour, I had a full head of gorgeous flowing waves, thick, yet lighter than air.  You really can’t feel them whatsoever – unlike micro-rings, bonds or clip-ins.

The benefits to wearing tape hair extensions are endless.  First and foremost, the quality of the hair used at Beauty & Melody is of the highest and all hair comes with a one year warranty (this salon is the only in the world to offer this).

Each extension is so lightweight, that you don’t feel as if you’re wearing any, and they’re virtually undetectable too.  The extensions also lie so flat, that you can place them higher in the hair than other methods, while there’s no bulk – again making for a completely natural look.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no damage whatsoever to your normal hair.  Whereas other extensions used to pull, tape is completely harmless, letting your natural hair underneath, grow normally.  And they last SO well!  6 weeks later, my extensions have shown no sign of moving.  Although they can last up to 12 weeks, it’s advisable to have them re-fitted every 6 weeks.  Each re-fit is charged at half the original cost re-using the same hair and special oil is used to remove them, before they’re put back in.

Fancy trying them for yourself?  Book in with the lovely Melinda B. at Beauty & Melody, Marble Arch and I guarantee you’ll never go back to heavy, damaging micro-rings and bonds.  It really is that easy to be Rapunzel, although there’s still no sign of my Prince!

I had 3/4 head, 16 inch Russian Tape Extensions priced at £420.  The hair should last up to two years if looked after well.

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Ashleigh Whitfield

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