Revolutionising London’s Fitness Classes – Centric: 3Tribes Boutique Fitness Studio

September 10, 2016

Centric: 3Tribes

Do you ever roll your eyes at the weights rack or sigh as you step onto the cardio machine at the gym?  Then read on…

Centric: 3Tribes is the newest boutique fitness studio, revolutionising London’s fitness industry with HIIT sessions against a backdrop of live entertainment, in three boutique, specialised environments.

There is a high intensity interval training space to bring out the ‘Warrior’ in you; a state-of-the-art indoor cycling arena – ‘Rider’ and a ‘Zen’ inspired, mind-body studio that focuses on lengthening, toning and strengthening.  Each room represents a different need, a different experience and a different tribe.  Centric: 3Tribes is also the only place in London that offers a 50:50 mix of spinning/ HITT and yoga, so within the hour, you get the high, the workout and more importantly the sweat, then hop off the bike to your yoga mat for vinyasa and deep long stretches.

Warrior Tribe classes focus on functional full body training of cardio, weight training and core – they’re all about strength, power and discipline of health.  Known as the 1,000 calorie workout, the classes are 50 minutes of intense physical and mental interval training while expert instructors guide you through the routines.  These classes vary between Full Body, Push (arms, back and chest), Pull (legs, bums and tums) and TRX (using your own body weight).

Melissa Power who is a trainer at Centric: 3Tribes says “Lifting weights is amazing and ultimately will transform your body but without cardio, that transformation will be less effective, take longer and although you may look more toned you won’t be much fitter.  A bodybuilder may be able to lift a bus but they won’t be able to run for it.  Cardio is essential for fat burn, weight loss and pushing your body to work anaerobically (without oxygen) which means it’s closer to entering its ‘fat burn zone’.

However, cardio can burn muscle as energy so keeping up that weight training is essential.  “In an ideal world you would combine the two, not by going for a 30 minute jog or swim and then doing a few bicep curls, but by spending 6 to 7 minutes doing HIIT treadmill work (hill climbs, sprints) then another 6 to 7 minutes doing compound weight moves (dead lift squat thrusts etc) before returning to the treadmill.  The Centric: 3 Tribes Warrior class is the perfect mix of cardio and weight training with some essential core moves as well.  You’ll leave 1000 calories lighter, feeling fitter and looking like a Greek God or Goddess.”

Alternatively, Ride classes which focus on indoor cycling and spinning with weights are either individual or at a competitive level of ride – each tailored for varying levels and goals.
When you attend the Ride classes you are provided with specialised cycling shoes with cleats that click into the pedals, enhancing your experience.  Getting started is easy – you can download the app, book your bike online and pick a class to ride in the high-intensity, low impact, full body cycling amphitheatre.  Each ride is between 45 to 60 minutes and at the end you can view your rides calorie count and power statistics.  Classes include the Signature (everyone pedaling to the latest music playlists), Peloton (ride hard and fast), Teen Ride (for teens) and Ride 101 which is slower paced.

If high-energy, music pumping is not your tribe, then mind-quieting Zen Classes sound perfect.  For those who wish to focus on yoga and barre exercises to sculpt the contours of your body and quieten the mind, the Zen room incorporates multiple classes, all tailored around lengthening, opening and strengthening.  Zen classes are about finding realignment with back to basics body empowerment.  Classes include the latest cutting edge rocket inversion classes to classical Ashtanga yoga.

So whatever tribe you are, you will connect with other kindred spirits and get fit without ever setting foot in a gym.

Centric: 3Tribes Membership benefits include complimentary eucalyptus fragrance enhanced towels, self-locking lockers and a laundry service which is available to get your workout clothes fresh, folded and ready for the next day’s workout.  Specialised cycling shoes are available for the Ride classes.

Classes run all day so you can join The Tribe before work, after work or anytime during the day at the studios which are located in Crouch End and Muswell Hill.  To download the app and book a class, go to 

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Rachel Evans

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