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September 26, 2023

Rufus in Rabitannia by Suzanna Welby

Exquisite, old-fashioned children’s book. Hardback, lavishly illustrated by English artist JKS . Set in mid-century England, recently uncovered from its hiding place of 45 years, it will charm both adults and children alike. Signed and dedicated on request.

Rufus Wesley is a rude and spoilt little boy. Powers beyond his control have decided he needs to be taught a lesson so that he might become an acceptable member of the human race.

Magically he is whisked into the extraordinary world of Rabitannia where, to his great distress, he is turned into a rabbit. He is tasked by no lesser entity than the King of Rabitannia himself with finding and returning the long-lost Crown Princes, sole heirs to the Rabitannian throne. Assisted by the brave and heroic warrior rabbit Capuchin, Rufus finds himself catapulted into a dangerous and mysterious world of enchantment, wizards, worgs, weasels – and treachery and loyalty beyond imagining.

Rufus in Rabitannia is the enchanted tale of a horrid little boy forced to summon valour and bravery in an alien land – of rabbits. It is a charming, nostalgic children’s book, harking back to simpler times when children were unhampered by modem technology.

W: Suzanna Welby
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