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October 31, 2018

Shavata – For Luxuriously Long Eyelashes and Perfect Brows

Leafy Chiswick, which looks beautiful this time of year, is the perfect high road for all your pampering needs.  Nestled among the artisan restaurants, the hair and tanning salons and the make up boutiques, is Shavata Brows and Beauty – a popular flagship studio of the brand which is now occupies spaces in many a luxury department store like House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols.

With bushy brows and short stumpy lashes, I was very much looking forward to my transformation and had it on good authority that Shavata were the experts when it came to whatever lash and brow shape I desired.

After checking in at reception, I was taken through the expansive studio, which includes six brow and lash stations, a six person nail bar and a four chair pedi area, I was invited to sit in a reclining chair at the back of the salon, to enjoy a fresh peppermint tea for a moment of relaxation before the beginning of the treatment.

After a moment to gather my thoughts, the wondeful Sunita, my lash technician talked through the effect and style I wanted to achieve from my lashes and she advised on the options.  With a choice of semi-permanent eye lash extensions to choose from (full or half), eye lifts and cluster lashes which are great for a quicker transformation to achieve a look which will only last a few days, I opted for the a full set of lashes with a spiky Kardashian style effect.

To create this desired effect required Sunita applying lashes of varying lengths ranging from short 8mm’s to the long and luscious 14mm’s.  I’m told the lashes used were also the thinnest you can get in terms of thickness – 0.07mm to be exact!

I was impressed that the application didn’t take as long as other salons.  Some applications can take up to two hours but I was transformed in around 60 minutes which is the perfect amount of time to lie and back and relax.

Extremely happy with the achieved spiky lash look, we then moved onto my brows.  Shavata are specialists in creating the perfect brows and I can see how they’ve earned this reputation.  With the option to thread or wax, I decided threading might be less painful and Sunita got straight to work!  The process was fast and only very mildly uncomfortable – you get used to the sensation very quickly and within minutes I had brows that any of the MIC cast would be proud of!  Sunita also gave me full aftercare instructions for both my lashes and brows!  I’m under strict instruction not to pluck the lower section of my eyebrows while they grow back in, so they can be shaped more effectively next time!

Leaving the salon 90 minutes later, I felt like a new woman!  It’s amazing what a few extra lashes and a new pair of brows will do for a girl!  I left with a spring in my step despite the chill in the air, and of course, a sparkle in my eye!

A full set of extensions like mine are from £110 at Shavata, Chiswick

Check out the website here.

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